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We believe that Prime Vision Video Coding is the world’s most powerful and flexible video coding solution.

Benefits of Prime Vision Web-Based Video Coding:

  • Local, central, cloud-based, offshore
  • Powerful and flexible
  • Mail piece coding, support for multiple images
  • Smart-keying functionality
  • Built-in quality control
  • Address database integration
  • Training modes

At its heart, Prime Vision’s video coding solution is a graphical user interface (GUI) that presents one or multiple mail piece images to an operator for review and coding.

The functionality of the video coding solution is much more than that though, as it includes features such as smart-keying that anticipates what an operator is going to key based on the first few characters, quality control that checks the reasoning of keyed data based on your business logic, quality control that verifies the accuracy of each keyer and benchmarks against other keyers and offers training facilities.

The video coding GUI presents all key process information in an ordered sequence, literally just the information related to the task. One or more mail piece images may be presented, for example in the case of multi-side parcel sorting. Smart algorithms from Prime Vision pre-locate the likely label location and automatically rotate and zoom for the user.

Your video coding solution may be deployed in a wide variety of configurations from machine-side coding terminals, to site coding rooms, central coding rooms for complete countries, home based coders, cloud-based or even offshore. Prime Vision has deployed every variation in many hundreds of installations globally.

In every case the same principles apply to our video coding solution design; speed the keying without compromising quality, excellent ergonomics and GUI design, built-in validation tools, user-management, training and not least security.

Our clients utilize our video coding solution in many different scenarios. Of course, the main application is processing automated identification rejects, however we build the video coding solution to your specific process requirements, so maybe it’s for deeper level coding, handling of sensitive mail streams such as registered items, special services processing, international mail and associated airwaybills and much more.

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Web-Based Video Coding


Coding as a Service


Over the past years we have optimized and extensively standardized our coding product portfolio, resulting in modern, highly configurable and flexible solutions which provide the efficient data entry possibilities that our customers require, as well as real time insight into the coding processes through statistics and UI.

Roosmarijn Schopman

is the product manager of the Coding Systems team. With her MSc in Industrial Design Engineering and background in Quality Assurance she’s got the experience and skills to steer the development of well designed, future proof and high-quality solutions for manual coding, paying special attention to performance, usability and ergonomics.


Web Based Video Coding

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