Visualizing parcel data with Smart Store images

In order to cope with continuous growth of parcel volumes and complexity in the retail market, Prime Vision has been digitalizing their clients’ supply chains. To make the most out of data gathered by this digitalization, the Delft-based company brings data visualization to the postal industry by introducing the Smart Store solution. This system centralizes images and metadata for easy analysis, allowing our customers to follow their assets through their supply chains, leverage evidence for damaged goods, and cut the time to improve business-critical AI models.

One of the benefits of this system is that retailers with a pickup point can see an image of a parcel on their screen, making it easier for them to find it in the backroom. They don’t have to rely on a name or house number alone. thanks to Smart Store, they know what the package looks like. In addition, it is immediately clear if a parcel has been damaged somewhere along the way.

For Prime Vision’s customers, such as the administrators of postal companies, the Smart Store makes it easier to view and track the status of a package.

Further use cases have appeared, such as having the delivery person take and upload a picture as proof-of-delivery. The end customer in turn can see the picture on their cell phone, so it’s clear where the package is and what condition it is in at the time of delivery.

The system can process several millions of images and metadata per day. Already a substantial number of retailers make use of this new system. The Smart Store’s embedded https-encryption and state-of-the-art authentication- and authorization frameworks make sure that high security demands are met. Its microservices architecture allows the system to grow with the customer.

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