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      Computer Vision and AI Solutions

      State of the art recognition, identification, interpretation and tracking

      Vision solutions

      Handwritten & Machine printed text

      Many mail pieces can’t be processed automatically because the addresses are not complete or correct, damaged or not visible. This results in expensive manual handling. Our OCR is a reliable solution for automatically reading address labels. This translates to higher performance for our clients.

      International Label Reader

      The International Label Reader improves the efficiency in the sorting phase of the delivery process and saves much time and effort in customs declarations by collecting and registering the information on the CN 22/23 labels. Cutting cost of manual labor and speeding up delivery of cross-border parcels to their end destination.

      Enhanced Barcode Reader

      For every failed barcode reading, manual intervention is required. Consecutive unreadable labels have a knock-on effect that may result in excessive delays contributing to for example missed deadlines and broken contractual agreements. Our enhanced barcode reader can help you.

      Object Recognition

      Whether you need to identify any kind of logos or indicia on a parcel for revenue recovery or make sure hazardous materials are treated as such and reported accordingly to the airline, our suite of machine learning solutions has the answer. For many customers, specific or more generic solutions have been successfully implemented.


      Technology is advancing at such a rate that we can’t predict where we will be in a decade. For now, our industry’s vision is based on artificial intelligence. While the speculation of what’s possible is endless, developers have to translate all this potential, invention and innovation into realistic solutions. While it’s great to let the imagination fly, we have to balance indulgence against purpose and benefit.

      Michiel de Rijcke

      has led the research and development department of Prime Vision since 2001. With a solid background in computer vision and a PhD and cum laude graduation in mathematics, Michiel’s ingenuity brings applied research to innovation.

      Dirk Jan Brouwer

      is product manager of the Handling Projector and leader of the projection sorting development team.

      After studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen,  Dirk Jan has been working in several R&D and New Business Development jobs.

      Besides product manager, Dirk Jan is Director People Management for Prime Vision, taking care of the development of employees.

      Projection Handling

      The Handling Projector identifies a parcels destination by reading its barcode or alternative data and then projects the number of its sorting destination directly onto the parcel with a laser beam. By tracking the journey of the parcel, the Handling Projector is able to keep the projected number constantly on the parcel until it is collected from the conveyor.


      My vision of the future would be large warehouses with enormous sorting machines will most likely disappear, and there will certainly be other recognition methods. Think about the concept of pop-up sorting-centres.

      Bernd van Dijk

      is Prime Vision’s Innovation guru.  With his MSc in Innovation management, more than a decade work experience in logistics and board seats in technology, energy and investment, Bernd is an excellent partner to explore strategic and tactical challenges and opportunities. Bernd leads the innovation department where customer and technological developments (a.o. robotics) are brought together.


      Autonomous sorting

      We developed an autonomous sorting solution based on mobile robots autonomously making sorting decisions. A flexible solution that doesn´t require a pre-built sorting centre and can be implemented quickly. The solution is highly scalable, simply add or remove robots as needed.

      An additional advantage is that if one robot fails, the sorting process is automatically taken over by other robots, thus preventing failure or delay in sorting.

      Asset Tracking

      Our Asset Tracking solution is a robust and scalable technology that allows you to track your assets with pinpoint accuracy and know their location in real-time.

      By integrating our platform with a wide variety of sensors and gateways, your assets can start communicating.