Video coding replay


We develop so-called video coding software. Using this software, data entry personnel types in information while looking at images of all kinds of objects (parcels, mail, luggage).

Typically entered data are address elements (postal code, street, house number etc.), barcodes and product information.

We deliver the software to efficiently show the correct images to the user, facilitate data entry, zoom and rotate the images, etc.

Data entry is generally done using a web-based solution.

The job

  • Our customers and Prime Vision themselves are always interested how actual coders behave; how much time do they need to code an image, which key strokes did they use, what problems did occur.

    Using statistical data a lot can be learned, but investigation would be even more helpful if feedback would be more visual.

    Therefore we are looking for a student to build video coding replay software that mimics the coding of a specific image from a specific coder. The following has to be visible:

    • Actual image that was seen by the coder
    • Typed in keystrokes at the moment the coder entered them
    • Zooming and rotating of the image

    Input to this assignment:

    • Batch of actually used images that were already video coded
    • For every image the used keystrokes and the time that the keystroke was pressed.
    • The software should show a replay “video” showing the video coding process, as if the coder is coding the image.

Your background

  • A HBO / WO student with an IT study or a study where IT plays a major role.

What you can expect from us

You will be properly supervised during your work placement and be given the scope to get the best out of yourself.

Naturally, we provide a suitable work placement compensation.

If you have any issues sending via the form, please contact Peggy Ann Kosters at

About us

Working for a top player in the field of logistics solutions

Prime Vision is one of the world’s best in the field of advanced solutions for the logistics industry. We create and support critical hardware and software solutions for our customers 24/7. This allows our customers in more than 25 countries to sort millions of parcels and letters day and night. We are proud of our international client portfolio including DHL,, PostNL, Whistl, PostNord, Posti, Australian Air Express Startrack and DHL Hong Kong and Mexico.


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