Successful Project Delivery – Overdelivering on Our Promise

Prime Vision is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its first Identification Technology project for one of the largest parcel and logistics companies worldwide.
In 2015 Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) selected Prime Vision as relatively small but well experienced Postal and Logistics IT provider and expert in OCR and recognition technology to be the supplier of choice for the Identification System for its ambitious new parcels hub in central Germany. DPDHL created a new paradigm by establishing DHL Sorting Centre GmbH (DHL SoC) to take on the role as an overall Systems Integrator and this brave move has been handsomely rewarded by the success of its most modern and efficient parcel centre in Obertshausen, Germany.
What makes Prime Vision special is its flexibility and its approach of creating a truly integrated project delivery team, outcome as well as customer focused. The close collaboration between Prime Vision’s subcontractors and other integrating parties was part of what made this a winning team. A Systems Integrator in its own right, Prime Vision was responsible for the Identification System, managing a third party supplier and ensuring the project was delivered and ready for go-life even before the expected project close date.
The company has grown-up from a provider of specialist pattern recognition to a Systems Integrator to one of the world’s best known Parcels and Logistics Companies. Prime Vision brings the benefits of a modern and agile organisation by being able to apply a more flexible approach and less rigid work processes to this ambitious undertaking. Partnership, trust and open communication are considered as more important than rigid processes and Prime Vision has proven that its wide operational understanding can benefit its customers, as this allows issues to be noted, discussed and implemented early, before problems can arise.
The success of the project is not only a result of its un-paralleled read rates combined with extremely low error rates but also its state of the art video coding solution, which can be on-line as well as off-line or integrate seamlessly with external systems.
The Christmas period with extreme peaks has been a perfect test of Prime Vision’s Identification Technology Solution and it had stood the test of this challenging time expertly.
The DHL SoC team has recognised that with Obertshausen being their initial project, it has been a highly challenging one, as everyone was still learning how to make Obertshausen a success. Prime Vision has greatly contributed to creating a template for a new paradigm of how the parcel centres in the future can look like and how to best operate these.
Prime Vision is proud of the strong partnership it has created with DPDHL and is looking forward to the next challenging and ambitious project for the parcels and logistics thought-leader.