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      Our solutions to your

      Major Challenges

      Our solutions and integration skills offer clients considerable added value,
      whether its reducing costs, increasing efficiency, implementing new services or optimising operations.

      Vision Solutions

      Prime Vision applications automate human interpretation. All applications are based on our unique recognition technology. This technology is applied in several recognition solutions and has far higher processing capabilities than the average humans. It can reduce processing time and interpretation errors, whilst offering significant improvements in quality and accuracy.

      Autonomous Sorting

      Prime Vision introduces a Scalable, Flexible and Financially attractive sorting solution that increases Quality in order to enable our customers to competitively and agile handle their growing shipment volumes.

      With Autonomous Sorting additional volumes and/or sorting directions can be dealt with easily (by just adding more robots). The concept enables easy extension of networks through additional warehouses or inside warehouses, can be rapidly implemented (days as opposed to months) and does not need set building requirements (existing buildings as opposed to building from scratch).

      Projection Sorting

      Prime Vision’s Handling projector simplifies manual sorting in an open, flexible and inexpensive way. Goal is to improve end of chute or moving belt manual sorting to allow for faster sorting, less human mistakes and cost reduction.

      Asset Tracking

      Knowing the exact location of containers or roll cages at any given point in time provides powerful data. When this data can be converted into information and insight it becomes a perfect base for a decision support system, supporting other adjacent solution within the same eco-system and creating room for efficiencies. Every day, the knowledge of the whereabouts of containers and therefore parcels can provide certainty, which can be monetized and can function as a means to ensure customer delight.