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      Our webinars

      How your logistics business can

      thrive in uncertain and volatile times

      In a short period of time, the world has changed due to Covid-19. While many organizations are negatively impacted, logistics organizations are experiencing a busier time than ever.

      Consequences for your organization

      Since the start of the Covid-19 restrictions the volume of e-commerce parcels has been fluctuating and logistics organizations need to adapt quickly in order to deal with rapidly changing volumes, work conditions and customer demand. Brody Buhler, global managing director of Accenture’s Post and Parcel industry group, shares Accenture’s recent research on how COVID is affecting the Postal and Parcel industry and provide insight in how organizations respond.

      How do other logistic companies cope with those challenges?

      Current times require different solutions and attitudes. A flexible and scalable system seems to be the answer… think about a flexible sorting platform, web-based video coding and sorting with robots. Prime Vision’s Commercial Director Dirk van Lammeren talks about industry best practices and how Prime Vision supports her clients in dealing with the effects of COVID.

      The challenges of

      nternational parcels

      In 2019 over 60 billion parcels originate from Chinese import. Profitable to companies such Alibaba, AliExpress, Wish and But does it also benefit your organization?

      Effects on your organisation

      Postal and Parcel distribution centers often encounter challenges when processing these parcels. Sorting and delivery are delayed as a result of lower quality address labels on parcels. Many of the labels are incorrectly formatted, have in illogical order and/or lack critical information.

      Prepare for additional Border checks

      Moreover, with the new EU regulation effective from January 1st, 2021 all cross-border parcels regardless of their value must be declared to customs. That means information from all CN labels on cross-border parcels require registration, not just parcels within the current threshold value of € 22.

      Manual registration of this information will almost certainly have a huge impact on your organization and increase workload.

      How can technology smooth this transition?

      Prime Vision recognizes and addresses these challenges for the Postal and Parcel industry and has developed solutions for these challenges.

      In our webinar The challenges of international parcels our Senior Vision Engineer Jurrien de Knecht outlines the latest developments in this field.

      Revenue through

      Artificial Intelligence and object detection

      n these uncertain times, maintaining profitability and optimization of revenues are top priorities for organizations. Since parcel volumes continue to increase and sorting centers currently operate at maximum capacity, CEP operators need reassurance that correct postage is paid for work carried out.

      How to maximize revenue recovery?

      There are several ways to maximize revenue recovery. Crucial questions are whether the sender or postal carrier has paid sufficient postage for the parcel or letter or does the parcel size match the indicia paid? We can help you answer these questions.

      In our webinar Drive Revenue through Artificial Intelligence and object detection our Senior Vision Engineer Jurrien de Knecht explains Artificial Intelligence solutions you can apply to detect, validate or even cancel stamps and indicia to make sure your revenues are recovered appropriately.