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Privacy statement Prime Vision B.V.

9 June 2020 version 0.3 by Hans Kroon

The privacy of customers and their employees is of great importance to Prime Vision. Prime Vision treats your personal data with great care. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/AVG), the European Privacy Law, imposes requirements on the way in which we process your personal data. Personal data is only used for the performance of our statutory tasks and for purposes directly arising from them and is stored in a safe and secure manner. To this end, we will take all necessary measures to protect your data. All our employees are bound to confidentiality and Prime Vision is ISO 27001 certified. Our computers and buildings are secure.

What are personal data?

Personal data refers to any information that tells us something about you. Or that we can relate to you. For example, your name and address. You share personal data with us in these situations:

  • You are a client of ours;
  • You are in contact with us;
  • You are using a service provided by us.

Do you visit our website, or use our app? In that case, you may also share personal data with us.

Company information

Company name: Prime Vision B.V.
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 08068458

In which cases is data shared with third parties?

Like many other organisations, Prime Vision uses SaaS applications with associated services that offer certain functionalities. These applications use data provided by Prime Vision. In this manner, we share information with business partners and suppliers who provide specific services for Prime Vision.

The following services are obtained from third parties:

  • Analytics to explore shown interests and bottlenecks on the Prime Vision website;
  • Customer Relationship Management System to record and maintain contact information and communication between Prime Vision and its clients;
  • General ledger system for the administration of our invoices and personnel;
  • HR system for the temporary storage of information of applicants;
  • Administration of subscribers to the Prime Vision newsletter and commercial e-mails;
  • Purchasing system for the purchase of products from various suppliers.

We have processing agreements with these parties. The processing agreements contain strict agreements on which data is stored and processed. This states that the (privacy) data may not be shared with other parties by our partners and suppliers (the so-called processor).

Access to personal data

Personal data can only be accessed by authorized staff within Prime Vision. Depending on which personal data is used, groups of authorised persons are determined.

Our sales department has access to relevant customer data, previous communication and sales agreements in order to tailor the service to client needs. For our marketing department it is necessary to see the interest shown by our website visitors and contacts from offline channels. The office managers need personal information regarding invoicing and accounting.

Our HR department uses systems to store relevant information from applicants and Prime Vision employees. The finance department manages the data needed to conduct financial transactions with suppliers and Prime Vision employees.

Data retention period

In any event, we will not retain your data longer than is necessary for processing for the purposes for which they were collected. In our case it concerns a storage period of 2 years without contact or expressed interest in our products or services. This means your personal data will be deleted after that period.

Personal data of applicants will be kept for a maximum of 8 weeks after the end of the application procedure. If you have given your consent, we may retain this data for a maximum of one year, since a suitable position may be available for you at a later date.

Tax-relevant data, such as our accounts receivable and accounts payable, must be retained for 7 years on the basis of the tax retention requirements. Contracts may be retained for up to 20 years after termination with regard to the statute of limitations of any disputes.

Data protection

We have taken the necessary security measures to prevent the destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised access or disclosure of personal data that we process. For example, a security officer has been appointed who is committed to information security within our organization on behalf of Prime Vision. In addition, we are ISO 27001 certified. ISO 27001 is an ISO standard for information security.


On our websites we display cookie notifications, requesting permission to place tracking cookies. With your approval, we can better monitor who visits our website and how it is used. In this way we create a profile of the interests of visitors based on the pages that are visited, times of visits and contact moments. This allows us to improve our website and services. Cookies are stored for a period of one year. These cookies are placed in order to register the approval for the placing of cookies and the functional operation of the website. 

Prime Vision contact details

Should you have any questions about the processing and/or security of your personal data, would like to make changes or provide your response to this Privacy Statement? Please contact us at the following e-mail address:

This Privacy Statement may be amended at any time. These amendments will be published here.