Prime Vision supports Plan International

Sustainability is of great importance to Prime Vision, to build a better world, we invest in sustainability..

Over the past few months, many of us have experienced what it can be like for children who are unable to go to a classroom, to spend time and play with friends, and how this can affect a child’s well-being. All over the world there are many children who cannot enjoy the benefits of education or who lack sufficient educational materials..

Therefore, with the help of Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organization, we have donated “back-to-school kits”. These back-to-school kits go to children in countries dealing with disasters such as drought, famine, epidemics or armed conflict. We want these children to smile and look forward to a new school year. With this gesture we hope to make a (small) difference in the lives of less fortunate children.

More information about our commitment to sustainability and updates on our sustainability initiatives can be found on our Corporate Responsibility page.

And for more information about Plan International, please visit

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