Prime Vision releases new use cases for the Handling Projector

Speed and flexibility in sorting parcels to endpoints are key to improving efficiency and bottom line results. With more people ordering online, also as a consequence of Covid-19, the stream of parcels has increased exponentially.

The Handling Projector is designed to increase the efficiency of manual labor during parcel sorting.  It projects endpoint information onto parcels on the conveyor, based on the barcodes read. Workers instantly see the projected sorting destination and understand into which roll container, delivery van or bike a parcel needs to go.

The Handling Projector’s basic principle: it queries the customer about all barcodes on a parcel, per barcode the customer tells it what to project and the system starts projecting.  This is applied in three new use cases.

Electric Bicycle Logistics use case

Optimal route-based loading of parcels is an important factor when delivering parcels by (e-) bike. Not only does delivery take less time (the specific parcel at every delivery address is directly selectable) but also the available loading space is used optimally. During loading, the Handling Projector helps by projecting the designated rack and rack compartment onto the parcels. Loading manually would require more time; the Handling Projector proves its worth in this project.

Mailbox packages use case

Delivery of small packages is often part of daily mail delivery. Special designed mail bags maintain the order of packages loaded into the bag in a pre-defined order. The Handling Projector projects that specific order (as a ranking number) during mail bag loading.

e-Commerce use case

The e-Commerce fulfillment sector also benefits from the added value of the Handling Projector. With the Handling Projector more parcels can be processed in less time and with less manual labor, both inbound and outbound. Employees can also better adhere to the Covid19-driven social distancing rules.

Key benefit

As the use cases show, one key benefit of the Handling Projector is its versatility: it projects everything the customer’s business logic dictates. Its applications support smart algorithms which determine endpoints and optimal last mile delivery order. As recognition sensors, vision recognition software and laser beam projecting technology are built in, the Handling Projector is a stand-alone plug-and-play device, which is easy to add to existing sortation systems.