Prime Vision presents cheque to Wildcare Delft

As part of our sustainability program, we have auctioned the end-of-year gifts for charity to our employees who donated generously.

Last Thursday, we handed over a cheque to Wild care Foundation Delft. The Wild care relies mostly on volunteers and they all share a passion to care for needy, injured and sick animals. In 2019 they took care of around 3000 animals.

Last September Wild care Foundation Delft rung the alarm: the wild care is entirely dependent on private donations and gifts. Municipalities have the duty of care for wild animals, but not the duty of payment. Fortunately, discussions are currently taking place with municipalities, the Province and the government. Until then, they can only remain open through all generous gifts from people who support them and their work.

Prime Vision has felt the responsibility to incorporate sustainability within the organization for many years and it derives from intrinsic motivation from its employees.

Creating and maintaining a sustainable business is the responsibility of all, and considering the challenges ahead, Prime Vision is looking to find additional ways to operate in a sustainable manner.

More information about Wild care Delft:

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