Prime Vision commits to a better future

Sustainability and corporate responsibility matter to us. Prime Vision has opted for the ISO 26000 standard to strengthen its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

ISO 26000 provides guidelines on how companies and organizations can operate in a socially responsible manner. This means acting in an ethical and transparent manner that contributes to the health and well-being of society.

Using the ISO 26000 standard, Prime Vision has developed a framework to monitor initiatives and create new ones. For the coming year, a number of steps have been identified that will be taken in view of our commitment to sustainability. Think about a hardware recycling program, back to school kits for children that are suffering from disaster, such as drought, famine, epidemics or armed conflict and a mental health campaign for our employees that have been impacted by the COVID pandemic.

The progress of these steps will be monitored and where necessary, the approach will be adjusted during the course of the quarter.

Each year the progress is evaluated and a new action plan for the coming year is drawn up.

Prime Vision plans to renew its commitment and analyze the supporting documents.

Eddy Thans, CEO Prime Vision “In addition, this statement will serve as a pledge to our commitment to sustainability. Moreover, Prime Vision wants to inspire its partners and customers to follow our example. Prime Vision strives to lead by example”.

Prime Vision is proud of its culture of inclusiveness. Employee welfare and workforce diversity are important elements within our organization. We believe in finding the untapped talent of employees with or without disabilities. Those with special needs are offered coaching and support so that they can thrive as highly skilled employees, resulting in a win-win situation. With new and other initiatives we want to contribute to sustainability outside the Prime Vision organization.

Prime Vision’s areas of focus for corporate social responsibility and sustainability include the following:

• Care for the Environment

• Being a good employer

• Society

For more information visit our Corporate Responsibility page.