Prime Vision Asset Tracking

Our track and trace solution proves its value through increased operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Having recently unveiled their Active Asset Tracking Solution at Post-expo, Prime Vision and development partner, TWTG have a solution that delivers the pinpoint results and accuracy the Industry has long demanded.

Built on an IoT framework, the Prime Vision solution is based upon smart tags that triangulate location to nearby modular gateways. Granularity determines performance accuracy. A single gateway can locate a tag within a 2500m² area. Ideal for a warehouse or even a moving truck – an operator has an entirely geographical operational overview. Letting you  know where things are exactly.

Multiple gateways increase accuracy exponentially, determining a location within a couple of meters. Perfect for a busy sorting center, allowing objects to be quickly located or technicians to plan resources in real-time.  While scalability and accuracy are tailored to suit operational requirements, the basic principle  of the solution remains the same. Thousands of tags tracked by local gateways.

Bluetooth Low-Energy protocol ensures a two-way stream of data, allowing tags to communicate to widen their network. Gateways are fitted with either a Wi-Fi or cellular connection to relay data to the cloud. Optimizing efficiency and range, tags are manufactured to meet client requirements, avoiding the power-sapping electronics associated with generic sensors.

All tags are battery-free, powered by solar low-light panels designed to harvest energy at industry-standard warehouse illumination. If in a darkened area, the sensor becomes dormant, with the last-known location communicated. As a new light source becomes available, the tag instantly powers-up, re-connecting to the network.

Presently, the Prime Vision solution utilizes tags fixed to roll cages and containers. However, the system is future-proofed to track individual parcels. The blend of reducing costs and technological innovation draw us closer to this reality, with experts predicting disposable-tape tags as a viable option in the very near future. 

Upgraded remotely, the IoT Framework has virtually no downtime, affording confidence to invest in new technology without the concern systems will soon become obsolete due to an outdated hardwired control system.

Jeroen Brans, IoT Product Manager at Prime Vision, explains the advantage behind the IoT framework. “Until recently, the prospect of a reliable and cost-effective asset tracking solution seemed a long way off. Today innovations in Bluetooth and cellular networks have allowed us to rethink what is possible”.

“To make an ordinarily passive object smart enables us to share information across shipments, equipment and vehicles about location,status or behavior. I believe that the interaction between these technologies will see the logistics industry rethink the way it operates”. The future will be about flexibility. Intelligent IoT based systems that can react to real-time changes in environment or circumstance to provide a positive benefit throughout the supply chain. Prime Vision is working tirelessly to create innovative solutions that see these dreams become a reality.

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