Prime people: Christian Jansen – Pilot and gunman

Software engineer Christian Jansen has some unusual but interesting hobbies. Christian tells “My real interest in flying originated about 10 years ago. However, I always had the idea that flying was quite expensive and only reserved for rich people. I then started looking at options like paragliding but when I heard from a colleague that he also got his pilot’s license, and that the costs were very reasonable, I started to get the itch to fly myself”.

Regrets or take action

During a drive home from work Christian thought about doing nothing and regretting it later or just going for it. He chose the latter and upon returning home he immediately called the flying club. A few months later he was behind the controls in an airplane for the first time. He was immediately “hooked”.

Ultimate freedom

Christian continues “It sounds like a cliché but flying gives you the ultimate feeling of freedom! You are high up in the sky, one of the few people who can enjoy the aerial view of the Netherlands and of course the flight itself. I fly from Hilversum airport, in the center of the country and can easily fly in all directions. A lunch on the Wadden Islands is then within reach. It’s also amazing to see the tulip fields in bloom from the air.”

Which planes

He flies 2 types of planes, a two-seater Diamond Katana with the wings on the bottom of the plane, and a Cessna 172 with the wings on the top and space for 4 people. The Cessna 172 is probably one of the most produced planes in the world.

Learn how to fly yourself?

Interesting information for people who also want to fly a plane, most people are members of a flight school or flying club. The minimum number of hours you must have flown to obtain your license is 45 hours although most people need more hours. In addition, you must pass 7 theory exams, undergo a medical examination, successfully complete a radiotelephony practical course and have a proficiency endorsement for the English language. The exams are not too difficult but there are many.

Besides flying also shooting

Besides flying, Christian also likes shooting and instructing at a shooting club. He also enjoys this very much and, like flying, requires a high degree of safety and knowledge.

Flying however is number 1 for Christian because it is the ultimate outlet and energizer for him. Furthermore, he would like to learn night flying which has recently been allowed in the Netherlands.

And Christian would like to fly to Spain or Romania, because he has an international pilot’s license. Those flights take a lot of planning but seems like a lot of fun to do. Also when his son is older he would like to take him along on his flying trips.

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