PRESS RELEASE – Prime Vision Australia – Launches new regional strategy

Prime Vision has today launched a new strategy for its regional division in Australia and New Zealand with specific focus on the Postal and Logistics industries.

The new strategy responds to the challenges faced by Postal and Logistics operators in the region, providing a range of solutions to help operators improve utilization of their assets, providing tracking of individual items from first mile to last mile, increasing parcel processing capacity cost effectively, and providing Consumers more choice for delivery.

A new portfolio of solutions will deliver the new strategy including:

• Asset tracking for cages, vehicles and items within cages.
• Item tracking, for first mile to last mile, using printed electronics for identification instead of barcode, stamps or other indicia.
• A fully connected Internet of Postal Things (IoPT), platform built on the latest architecture technology, connecting physical ‘things’ used in the operation, with gateways to enterprise systems.
• Autonomous and assisted sorting solutions, which combine Prime Visions recognition technology with robotics to sort parcels from point-to-point using mobile robots.
• Smart mailboxes and home parcel lockers with secure access management solutions to enable controlled access by postal workers and confirmed acceptance by Consumers.

Prime Automation established its office in Sydney in 2011, the Prime Automation division will change its name and be known as Prime Vision Australia, existing contracts for the Food and Beverage industry will transfer to a new regional service provider. The existing facilities in Sydney, with a Customer Experience centre will be enhanced to demonstrate both the new solutions.

Prime Vision with headquarters in Delft, Netherlands provides applications, systems integration, project delivery, and support management, with a catalogue of services for a large range of Customers. Its suite of applications, include the latest proven technologies for image recognition, item and asset identification, configured on platforms for both production automation, and the Internet of Postal Things (IoPT).

Prime Vision aspires to be a partner of choice from first mile to last mile with world leading identification solutions.

For more information contact Tom Ellis: General Manager, Prime Vision Australia, +61 2 9622 3385.