PostNL smooth delivery processes despite dynamic shipment volumes

PostNL has successfully optimised the sorting operation by decrypting uncoded mail and parcels, leading to reduction of manual handling in the sorting centres..

The main objective for PostNL was to reduce the number of letters and parcels which need to be coded by hand. This reduction of manual coding solves two major issues: on time sorting and distribution on demanded KPI level and reduction of overhead costs due to manual coding.

 The Prime Vision platform provided the following benefits for PostNL:

  1. Run one central platform for all mail streams (e.g. letters, bundles, parcels, Chinese parcels, revenue protection);
  2. Increased flexibility:
    • Dynamic optimization of the Coding Activity pool
    • Improved management of Coding Activity / easily upscale and downscale
    • Dynamic throughput of connection between Coding platform and Image Controller (not fixed)
    • Cloud based deployment possible (e.g. flexible upscaling during Peak periods);
  3. Improved Functional Support (e.g. change of a coding task directly implemented for all coding operators);
  4. Easily add new functionalities and new coding tasks for all mail streams;
  5. Platform suitable for Services Model;
  6. Direct connection with data-entry partner;
  7. Realtime insights in KPI’s, volume, buffers and idle time.

Prime Vision’s innovative Web Coding Platform

Over the past few years Prime Vision has developed a new centralised Web Coding Platform. Designed to increase flexibility, optimise video coding activities and support integration with operation and business processes. Prime Vision’s solution helps reduce the number of mail and parcels which is manually processed. The sorting process is thus further automated through (offshore) data entry activities. The platform ensures that the coding process, within the sorting process, is as efficient and effective as possible.

The new web coding platform comes with a new web-based architecture, modular set up and is suitable for running in the cloud or on local premises.

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