Visit Prime Vision in Hamburg on 8 - 11 October 2018

Within two weeks the leading global event for the world’s postal, parcel and express business will open its doors in Hamburg. The Post-Expo show in 2017 was very successful for us, we won the awards for Supplier of the Year and for our Handling Projector we came home with the Sorting Center Innovation award.

This year promises to be even better. The Handling Projector demonstration will be exhibited at our booth. We are very much looking forward to showing the latest, productionised version. Also we will demonstrate our active Asset Tracking solution.

Our experts will be on the booth to provide information on the full range of Prime Vision solutions, including Recognition systems for arrange of Parcels and E-Commerce applications.

Why not just drop by for a cup of coffee!

Conference - Join our presentations on Robotics

Why is robotics a key driver for e-commerce in the 2020s?

On Monday 8 October at 14:00 our Account Director Richard Hagen will present “Robots and their role in E-commerce”.

It's a crucial question: Why is robotics a key driver for e-commerce in the 2020s? The question, How will robotics be a key driver for e-commerce? is much more straightforward. We can all imagine a future when a robot will deliver our mail or a drone will knock on our front door. Put another way: Will robotics be a key driver? Simple. The answer is yes. Definitely. But the bigger question is why robotics is a key driver for e-commerce.

Richard can tell you all about this in the session “Exploring New Frontiers".

How will Robotics will take the E-Commerce domain to the next industrial revolution?

E-Commerce is reshaping logistics. Distribution centers are handling more parcels than ever and that’s only likely to increase. How can material handling professionals meet this challenge?

Prime Vision’s CEO Eddy Thans will be speaking on this topic on Thursday, 10 October at 11:15 during the session on "AI, robotics & smart mobility".

We would like to invite you to listen and take part in the question and answer session afterwards or come to our stand to have a discussion on how we can help in addressing your particular sorting challenges.

Demos - Handling Projector and Asset Tracking

Where or whereabout? Knowing the exact location of containers or roll cages at any given point in time provides powerful insight. This provides data which generates a perfect base for a decision-support system, backing other adjacent solutions within the same eco-system and increasing efficiency. Every second of the day, the knowledge on the whereabouts of containers and therefore parcels can provide certainty, which can be monetized and can function as a means to ensure customer delight.

Together with solution partner TWTG R&D, who are specialized in the Internet of Things (IoT), we will demonstrate our joint Active Asset Tracking Solution at Post-Expo, Hamburg 2018. In contradiction of cumbersome RFID technology our demonstration will outline how containers / roll cages can be tracked with intelligent tags that provide super specific information on location, but also on the status of the asset. And even other data points such as temperature can be measured and communicated wirelessly. It is this innovation, that allows active tag solutions, to create opportunities to unlock new and previously hidden business cases.

Additionally, the productionised version of the handling projector, which won last year’s sorting centre innovation of the year award will be exhibited. Still very much in development, this year the application is used in a number of different environments and situations, allowing customers to speed up manual sortation, support decision-making, and in general, increase overall efficiency for postal organizations.

We warmly invite you to visit our stand B3.210 to discuss the concepts and opportunities for your organization.