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Robotic Sorting

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Projection Sorting

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Robotic Sorting

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Projection Sorting

Our Solutions

We offer a portfolio of best-in-class solutions
for the automation of sorting processes

Focussed on Vision and Decision systems and supported by strong capabilities, we apply best-in-class technologies using machine vision, recognition and identification, AI and deep learning and are able to integrate our solutions seamlessly and secure in your operation.

Computer Vision and AI

Computer Vision and AI Solutions

State of the art recognition, identification, interpretation and tracking.

Sorting Decision systems

Decision Systems Solutions

Connecting infrastructure and handling decisions to recognized, identified and tracked items.

Security and Integration


Continuity of business-critical processes.
Exceeding customer expectations is our goal!

Markets we work in

Our solutions and integration skills offer clients considerable added value, whether its reducing costs, increasing efficiency, implementing new services or optimizing operations. We are specialized in the following markets:

Courier Express Parcel

Within the CEP market, it is crucial to be able to handle large peaks in volume, triggered by holiday seasons and sales events such as Black Friday, Singles Day and Cyber Monday, and meet expectations relating to smarter services such as tracking, status and redirection. 


Due to considerable margin pressures in the postal market,  it is wise to routinely audit whether your operational strategy is best fit for volumes handled. Sometimes the answer is more automation, however, sometimes the most efficient solution is a manual process augmented by technology.


Automation and lowest-cost handling are key to remain profitable when processing high-volumes. The challenge here is to operate those big volumes for just 1 or 2 days and in the most cost-efficient way as the customer is highly price sensitive. Flexible automation is the solution!

E-commerce solutions

Prime Vision helps you to process more volume per hour in your warehouse against lower cost and with greater accuracy

Corona makes for a mad year. Recently, we’ve noticed an unprecedented flow of online purchases. These orders all need to be processed fast and reliable. You do not want to disappoint your customers, so speed and reliability in processing is key.

This year our experts have been working with major online retailers and have developed a number of great solutions that can be implemented quickly and replace manual labour.

Want to know what these solutions are?

Case studies

How we helped others

Our robotics department has developed the concept of autonomous sorting, which entails sorting parcels using mobile robots. In general, sorting machines tend to be static and lack flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances.

Autonomous sorting can help create a flexible and future proof sorting center. Instead of fixed infrastructure, sorting centers of the future will make use of intelligent robots to sort parcels. Simply, all that is required is an empty production floor and a few days for the robots to ‘learn’ the layout to navigate.

How to improve the read-rate of barcodes?

We were approached by an existing client that was experiencing increasing frustration with failed Barcode Reading. The successful read-rate was almost 95%, but the 5% fail-rate was having a significant effect on parcel volumes.

How to detect fraud stamps?

Revenue protection and recovery components are core competence of Prime Vision and have been implemented in applications all over Europe and the United States.

How to upgrade the sorting platform of a running operation?

When your production system no longer meets the latest requirements, the biggest challenge is to upgrade it without disturbing the daily operations.

Our world-wide references

Over the years we have been working with so many companies all over the world. Our clients are both big and small companies in the airports, postal and logistics industry.

Why Prime Vision?

All our solutions are based on our customer’s challenges and developed in close co-operation.
Why not take a look how we can help with your strategic and operational challenges?

Our technology2

Our technology

  • Contemporary solutions with a quick ROI
  • Best in class vision technology, sorting decision systems and infrastructure
  • Open design philosophy
  • Vendor independent and integration with all systems and hardware
Why Prime Vision Our market knowledge

Our market knowledge

  • Extensive market and domain knowledge in Postal, CEP, Sorting and Integration
  • We live and breathe your mission critical systems
  • Building long term relationships with customers and partners
Why Prime Vision Our people

Our people, quality and flexibillity

  • Open culture and transparent way of working
  • Unparalleled global support
  • Continuously improving everything we do
  • Socially responsible


  • Easy to install
  • Greatly improves efficiency
  • Scalable
  • No large investment costs needed
  • Option to dynamically change delivery routes
  • Rapid return on investment

The Flow Projector is an easily installed, scalable, projection device which greatly improves efficiency in the manual sorting process.

Projection sorting: how it works

The Flow Projector identifies a parcels destination by reading its barcode and then projects the number of its sorting destination directly onto the parcel with a laser beam. By tracking the movement of the parcel, the Flow Projector is able to keep the projected number constantly on the parcel until it is collected from the conveyor.

As the target destination number is continuously projected onto the parcel, no manual reading of the label is needed throughout the sorting process. This will improve the speed of handling of the parcel and will also greatly decrease the potential number of sorting errors.

Projection Sorting: low cost, low impact

One of the key advantages of the Flow Projector is the technology within. By containing recognition sensors, laser projector technology and vision recognition software within the one unit, this makes the solution not only incredibly versatile but also remarkable value for its large capability. The plug-and-play system allows it to be incorporated into most existing sortation systems, further reducing the need for large investment costs.

Any additional training costs of operators using the Flow Projector are negligible as no specific training or experience is required. The operator-friendly nature of the system, means the manual sorting experience curve is much shortened as operators no longer need to build-up the experience to determine the destinations to maintain an effective production flow. Crucially, this allows the option to dynamically change delivery routes, at no notice, to meet changing circumstances..



is product manager of the Projection Sorting and leader of the projection sorting development team.

After studying Artificial Intelligence at the University of Groningen,  Dirk Jan has been working in several R&D and New Business Development jobs.

Besides product manager, Dirk Jan is Director People Management for Prime Vision, taking care of the development of employees.

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