A passion for roller coasters has made a Prime Vision employee experience more than 1000 roller coasters

Jos Boudestein works at Prime Vision as a software engineer. Besides being a fanatic football player, Jos is above all an amusement park fan. But not just another one. He has managed to ride more than a thousand different roller coasters. Jos travels all over the world for special roller coasters. In 2016 Jos participated in the Troy challenge: 24 hours in a row on the roller coaster.

In 2017 Jos visited his thousandth roller coaster, the fastest roller coaster in the world: Formula Rossa in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. The top speed of this steel monster is 240 kilometres per hour. “It was really cool to have this special roller coaster attached to that milestone”, Jos explains.

In the meantime we are now almost 400 roller coasters further on and at this very moment Jos is trying to beat the current Dutch record holder during his holiday in France.

Although this fan has been in amusement parks such as the Efteling and Duinrell since an early age, his roller coaster hobby truly began in 2007. “Back then I accidentally discovered the wooden roller coaster Troy in Toverland. I was completely blown away by the fantastically wild ride.” Since then, Jos has had a taste for it. He can regularly be found abroad. Jos: “Actually you can see it as a hobby of travelling in itself, because you can learn so much from a country from the world of an amusement park”.

One of the best roller coasters in the world today can be found in the Netherlands: Untamed in Walibi Holland! This roller coaster opened last year and Jos thinks it is almost the best roller coaster in the world. Only the Cedar Point-duo Maverick and Steel Vengeance in the United States are even better according to Jos.

The roller coaster fan doesn't yet have another goal. “Every new roller coaster in the neighbourhood I'd certainly like to try, but it's not like I'm going for the next milestone of two thousand now. You know, I'm mostly just trying to have fun in the parks.” Jos still has many roller coasters to visit, of the 5150 roller coasters currently in the world, Jos “only” visited 25%.