Office Manager

Are you an organizational talent who can simultaneously keep the secretariat running and support the board and management team?

Your goal: everything runs smoothly and there is a good atmosphere

As Office Manager you organize and coordinate the secretariat, you support the board and the management team and you ensure that everything runs as it should.

The secretariat provides support for the management, arranges all business trips, takes care of the administration, does odd jobs, ensures that everything around the facilities at the office is arranged and has a listening ear for all employees. The secretariat consists of a team of 4 employees, of which you will be the assisting foreman / woman. In addition, the team also supervises 2 proud employees who have a greater distance from the labor market.

But now in concrete terms, what does your working week look like?

After a wonderful weekend, your week starts with the agenda meeting with the management. You indicate where there are potential bottlenecks, the board members indicate what the most important topics are for this week. In this informal meeting, the board members also catch up with each other. Then you proceed to the secretariat meeting organized by yourself. You discuss the weekly planning with your colleagues and see if it is clear to everyone what needs to be done. Then you walk through the office and make sure everything is in order. In the afternoon you prepare for the management meeting that is scheduled the day after. You distribute the agenda, complete the minutes and discuss the action points with the director. In the meantime, you receive a request from an MT member to organize an external appointment for the course of this week. No problem for you.

You take part in the management meeting where you take (concise) minutes and ensure that the meeting runs smoothly. In the afternoon you help your colleague book a complex trip. You check on a regular basis whether urgent emails have been received for the management and handle them as much as possible. You talk to a client’s secretary by phone to reschedule this week’s appointment. At the end of the day you walk through the office to have a chat with colleagues and thus check whether everything is still going well and whether there are any issues that the management should know about.

The Prime Vision meeting will also take place this week. The management informs all employees via a webcast and everyone is informed of what is going on at Prime Vision via videos and presentations. You have prepared this session, tested the computer software, checked and prepared the videos. Of course, it runs smoothly through your meticulous planning.

You have chosen to work from home one day a week. On this day you create the English-language digital newsletter, you register the contracts and you can finish everything you did not get around to before. In the meantime, you arrange some appointments and one of the MT members has asked if you can complete the contract for the customer with the lawyer and prepare it for shipment. Via Microsoft Teams you keep in touch with your team at the office and together with your colleague you discuss how we will send a small gift to the employees next week. And now it is time for the well-deserved weekend.

Your most important tasks:

  • You coordinate the secretariat, motivate the team and ensure a good collegial atmosphere;
  • You support the management, manage agendas and arrange appointments for the management team;
  • You take care of the (contract) administration and take minutes of the management meeting;
  • You take care of the internal communication from the management.

Your profile

  • You are a first-class organizer and administratively strong;
  • You are a top communicator and enjoy interacting with customers and colleagues;
  • You are good with computers and social media and you like this;
  • You are energetic and easy going;
  • You have an excellent command of the Dutch and English language;
  • You want to work at least 32 hours and have an HBO + working and thinking level.


  • We would also like to invite you to apply for this position if you do not yet have coordinating experience, but see this as a great opportunity to develop it. We will provide the necessary training.
  • In the context of corporate responsibility, Prime Vision as a company is particularly open to applications from people with a (physical) disability.

What we offer

  • A crucial position in our company.
  • A very open and inclusive business culture with more than 20 different nationalities.
  • A full range of digital tools will be at your disposal.
  • Extra perks such as snacks and excellent coffee every day in our cozy Grand Café.
  • training sessions by a personal trainer in our in-house gym.
  • The possibility to work flexible hours.
  • A profit-sharing scheme for all employees.
  • The option to purchase additional vacation days on top of the 25 standard holiday allowance.
  • An unlimited training budget for following training courses via the Prime Vision Academy.

Are you interested?

We invite you to convince us that you are the right candidate!

The application process will consist of 2 interviews and a Big Five personality test. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you have any issues sending via the form, please contact Peggy Ann Kosters at

About us

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