Awards for Prime Vision

We are extremely proud to say that we have been shortlisted for two awards this year: The Sorting Centre Innovation Award, which is the same prize we won last year and the customers’ choice, the Supplier of the Year Award.
On Tuesday evening at 5pm, during the award ceremony, the winners will be revealed and we hope to be crowned the Supplier of the Year. Just in case, the champaign is on ice….

Come and support us at the award ceremony!

Automation and the Future of Sorting

As part of the conference programme, our Account Director Nadine Herrwerth will be speaking on Wednesday, 27th September at 9:15 about how the sorting process can be augmented with new technologies.

Mail and parcel sortation has come a long way, from manual sortation to automated processing. In a time-constrained environment, it is these processes that need to be ever faster, reliable and cost-efficient. Customers are increasingly demanding more flexibility. Robotics and autonomous vehicles are the next step to augment the sortation process, as these don't require the same level of capital investment, can be quickly assembled rather than requiring lead times of easily a year, and can provide a perfect sortation centre in a temporary accommodation. The future of parcel sortation and logistics is flexible, modular and augmented with the latest technologies.

We would like to invite you to listen and take part in the question and answer session afterwards or come to our stand to have a discussion on how we can help in addressing your particular sorting challenges.

Prime Vision Enhanced Barcode Reader

We will be exhibiting our latest vision technology the Enhanced Barcode Reader.

This solution is developed to help parcel operators optimize their barcode reading performance by minimizing the number of barcode rejects. This reject stream is often characterized by difficult barcodes due to blurring, incompleteness or running ink. 

Since the current reject streams could be quite significant for large parcel volumes, we have developed the Enhanced Barcode Reader which is able to read an additional vast majority of the barcode rejects. This results in a serious reduction of manual coding tasks.

Projection Sorting

Also our innovations will be show-cased at our stand. Projection Sorting is a smart way to provide decision support to operators manually sorting parcels at the end of the sorting process. Together with the tech start-up Genuin we are proud to present our shortlisted Sorting Centre Innovation Award entry and we hope for recognition that this solution can be a game changer in the market.

Projection Sorting reads the barcodes and addresses of multiple packages as they leave the final chute and then projects the relevant roll cage number directly onto the packages, helping the handler to quickly place them in the corresponding roll cage or sorting container.

Fizyr Presentation

Fizyr, a development partner of Prime Vision, will give a short presentation on the latest innovations in the field of robotics. Prime Vision will be hosting this deep tech company at our stand.

As a two-time winner of the prestigious Amazon Picking Challenge, Fizyr is globally recognized as the pioneer that converges Artificial Intelligence with 3D Vision to guide machines and robots.

Autonomous Parcel Sorting

Over the last year, Prime Vision has worked on its Autonomous Sorting concept together with the promising start-up Unmanned Life; a young and entrepreneurial tech company.
Autonomous Sorting - the sortation of items into correct delivery destinations with a fleet of autonomous robots - offers a flexible and scalable solution based on short assembly time scales. Throughput capacity can be quickly and easily increased or reduced due to the modular sorting direction setting.
Unmanned Life will be presenting the MVP at Post-Expo, notably as one of the finalist of the PIP Start-up Innovation competition.
The aim is to now further develop the concept into a robust, operations-ready industrial solution, which we will be piloting with customers over the coming 12 months.

We warmly invite you to visit our stand to discuss the concepts and opportunities for your organisation.

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