official launch

Autonomous Sorting demo video

Over the last months we made a lot of progress on Autonomous Sorting, sorting of parcels with mobile robots.

In the course of this year we will go into a first operational environment with approximately 40 robots. In the coming months, we will be fine tuning the autonomous system here in Delft and that’s where we like to invite you because we think it’s a great opportunity to see the system actually work and to discuss possibilities with you.

So, if you are interested in a demo, please contact us and it would be great to see you over the coming months.

Brexit White Paper

Smoothing the transition for EU parcels and supply chain operators

Brexit looms ever closer, and with it increasing uncertainty. It's now apparent that we need to prepare for a wide number of possible scenarios and plan the contingencies to meet an unknown outcome. Read more...

Chinese Parcels

Turning a negative into a positive

Asian parcels vary hugely in size, shape and weight, making them difficult to position correctly for scanning in the automated sorting process. Also, CN custom labels and barcodes are often poorly printed with critical information missing or smudged. Add in the lack of standardization in address label format – that makes it near-impossible for common scanners to read – and the process becomes daunting for any sorting hub. Read more...


UK government to review low-level letter boxes

The UK government has officially backed a move to ban low-level letter boxes from new buildings.

In January 2019 Post & Parcel reported that Tory MP Vicky Ford has gained initial approval for her proposed legislation that would ban letter boxes being placed at the bottom of doors in newly built constructions.

Amazon deploys autonomous robotic fleet for last-mile deliveries

Online marketplace Amazon has launched Amazon Scout – a new service that uses a fleet of autonomous robotic vehicles to make last-mile deliveries.

Decorated in Amazon’s blue livery, the Scout robots have been fitted with sensors that enable them to safely navigate the sidewalk and avoid pedestrians or any other obstructions.