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Successful Project Delivery

Over Delivering on our Promise

Prime Vision is proud to announce the successful conclusion of its first identification technology project for one of the largest parcel and logistics companies worldwide.
In 2015 Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL) selected Prime Vision, as relatively small but well experienced Postal and Logistics IT provider and expert in OCR and recognition technology to be the supplier of choice for the Identification System for its ambitious new parcels hub in central Germany.
DPDHL created a new paradigm by establishing DHL Sorting Center GmbH (DHL SoC) to take on the role as an overall Systems Integrator and this brave move has been handsomely rewarded by the success of its most modern and efficient parcel center in Obertshausen, Germany.  Read more in the Press Release...

Machine Learning

Can Help Postals Make Smarter Decisions

If computers can think what we want them to think, then they must be able to make our lives easier. This was the thesis behind Alan Turing’s paper on computing machinery and intelligence published in 1950.
More than 60 years later, artificial intelligent systems based on so-called machine learning techniques are indeed deployed in postal, parcel and logistics operations. the area of use is however relatively narrow at this stage, with learning systems focusing mostly on the domain of human visual interpretation such as in the appearance of optical character and image recognition (also called ocr or vision) systems rather than the solution to a broader range of challenges. Read more about it here...

Partnership Will Shorten R&D Times

for Postal Sector Automation

Prime Vision and Delft Robotics have agreed a new technology partnership that will see the pair work together to advance automation in postal logistics applications. The postal recognition technology of Prime Vision will complement perfectly the expertise of Delft Robotics to quick and robustly apply robots based on 3D machine vision using deep learning.

By combining the high flexibility of robotic arms with the versatile sensing capabilities of 3D vision technology, it will be possible to provide solutions to automation problems that have – until now – been impossible or too expensive to develop. Read more about it here...


Internet Of Things Will Revolutionize Retail

How big data will not only help retailers understand their customers better, it will also provide a platform for a more integrated shopping experience, ulitmately driving sales.

How Technology Enables a more User-Friendly Approach to Interacting with Postal Organisations

One thing is for certain. Postal logistics technology continues to move forward at a rapid pace. For shippers, mailers, parcel and posts this means that processes that were once manual and paper-based are rapidly being automated, streamlined, and enhanced to a point that was not imaginable a couple of decades ago . . .