Meet the Prime Vision
Service Management team

Prime Vision is proud to announce the launch of our new Service Management Department. Headed by Fleur Baars, our new services team brings Prime Visions' renown experience and expertise directly to the customer, working diligently to manage our integrated solutions and resolve any issues that arise on the way. In a short video, Fleur Baars introduces her new team and explains a little more about the Service Management Department core functions and how it could add significant value to your operations.

Customer Satisfaction, our top priority …

The e-commerce market is continually evolving, and moreover, logistic operators need to be increasingly agile to meet the resulting challenges. In a market where ICT plays a complex and dominant role, operational processes require an automated platform that is both reliable and sustainable.

Today, Prime Vision support over 5,000 systems globally, via a managed IT environment which can be either on-site and/or as a cloud service. For us, it's essential that your mission-critical business and operational processes run 24/7. We can only achieve this by offering a wide range of high-level services designed to facilitate the primary part of your business. Read more +

Prime Vision Asset Tracking

Our track and trace solution proves its value through increased operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Having recently unveiled their Active Asset Tracking Solution at Post-expo, Prime Vision and development partner, TWTG have a solution that delivers the pinpoint results and accuracy the Industry has long demanded.

Built on an IoT framework, the Prime Vision solution is based upon smart tags that triangulate location to nearby modular gateways. Granularity determines performance accuracy. A single gateway can locate a tag within a 2500m² area. Ideal for a warehouse or even a moving truck - an operator has an entirely geographical operational overview. Letting you know where things are exactly. 

Multiple gateways increase accuracy exponentially, determining a location within a couple of meters. Perfect for a busy sorting center, allowing objects to be quickly located or technicians to plan resources in real-time. Read more +

An old problem. A new Solution.

With the fantastic growth of the Asian parcel market of the last few years, Prime Visions eCommerce Parcel Reader promises to be a powerful addition to any current OCR solution.

As we move towards a society increasingly influenced by the internet, and in-turn eCommerce, we have witnessed an exponential rise in the number of goods shipped from Asia.

Online, the plethora of options offered by any of the dominant eCommerce platforms gradually guide of down a familiar path.  The method of delivery, variety of choice and crucially, the incredibly low prices inadvertently have led us to China as the point-of-origin for the purchases of a fantastic 39 Million Europeans in 2017.

Sounds good. So what's the problem? Well crucially, this ever-growing deluge of parcels coming to Europe from Asia brings with-it the conundrum of how to effectively, and moreover profitably, handle such an enormous amount of troublesome packages without them literally piling up, at massive expense to the European parcel operators.  Read more +

Holiday Wishes

We look back with fond appreciation for your loyalty and look forward to working together again soon.
Sending our warm wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Postal industry on track for future growth

International Post Corporation (IPC), a cooperative association of 24 national postal services from major countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific and North America, has released the key findings from this year’s Global Postal Industry Report. According to IPC, the postal sector recorded 2.6% revenue growth in 2017, with an acceleration in the first half of 2018 with 4.6% revenue growth year-on-year.

Council adopts cross-border parcel delivery rules to boost e-commerce

The EU is bolstering e-commerce by making it easier for consumers and businesses to compare different delivery prices across the Union. Regulators will also have increased powers to monitor this complex market. The new rules were adopted today by the Council, following provisional agreement with the European Parliament last year.