Speed and flexibility in sorting parcels to endpoints are key to improving efficiency and bottom line results. With more people ordering online, also as a consequence of Covid-19, the stream of parcels has increased exponentially.

The Handling Projector is designed to increase the efficiency of manual labor during parcel sorting.  It projects endpoint information onto parcels on the conveyor, based on the barcodes read. Workers instantly see the projected sorting destination and understand into which roll container, delivery van or bike a parcel needs to go.

The Handling Projector’s basic principle: it queries the customer about all barcodes on a parcel, per barcode the customer tells it what to project and the system starts projecting.  This is applied in three new use cases.

Electric Bicycle Logistics use case

Optimal route-based loading of parcels is an important factor when delivering parcels by (e-) bike. Not only does delivery take less time (the specific parcel at every delivery address is directly selectable) but also the available loading space is used optimally. During loading, the Handling Projector helps by projecting the designated rack and rack compartment onto the parcels. Loading manually would require more time; the Handling Projector proves its worth in this project.

Mailbox packages use case

Delivery of small packages is often part of daily mail delivery. Special designed mail bags maintain the order of packages loaded into the bag in a pre-defined order. The Handling Projector projects that specific order (as a ranking number) during mail bag loading.

e-Commerce use case

The e-Commerce fulfillment sector also benefits from the added value of the Handling Projector. With the Handling Projector more parcels can be processed in less time and with less manual labor, both inbound and outbound. Employees can also better adhere to the Covid19-driven social distancing rules.

Key benefit

As the use cases show, one key benefit of the Handling Projector is its versatility: it projects everything the customer’s business logic dictates. Its applications support smart algorithms which determine endpoints and optimal last mile delivery order. As recognition sensors, vision recognition software and laser beam projecting technology are built in, the Handling Projector is a stand-alone plug-and-play device, which is easy to add to existing sortation systems.

Post and parcel companies with an open mind to automation – and who chose systems that are open to development – are reaping rewards, especially now.

In the latest edition of MER magazine, Prime Vision’s commercial director, Dirk van Lammeren explains that Prime Vision’s ethos is that everyone should have the benefit of automation platforms that give them complete control over how their operation adapts and expands.

Read the full story.

Wednesday, 11 November 2020 / Published in corporate responsibility

Sustainability is of great importance to Prime Vision, to build a better world, we invest in sustainability.

Over the past few months, many of us have experienced what it can be like for children who are unable to go to a classroom, to spend time and play with friends, and how this can affect a child’s well-being. All over the world there are many children who cannot enjoy the benefits of education or who lack sufficient educational materials.

Therefore, with the help of Plan International, an independent development and humanitarian organization, we have donated “back-to-school kits”. These back-to-school kits go to children in countries dealing with disasters such as drought, famine, epidemics or armed conflict. We want these children to smile and look forward to a new school year. With this gesture we hope to make a (small) difference in the lives of less fortunate children.

More information about our commitment to sustainability and updates on our sustainability initiatives can be found on our Corporate Responsibility page.

And for more information about Plan International, please visit https://plan-international.org/.

There are countless opportunities as soon as supermarkets can automatically recognize products. Both on the shop floor and in home delivery. At least, that’s the idea of Prime Vision, a company that specializes in computer vision and that, together with Albert Heijn, conducts a test at a checkout point in Delft. “For us it is about the world’s first supermarket customer”. Read the full story in Foodmagazine.

Istanbul Grand Airport (iGA) has released a new documentary film looking at the story of the airport from its initial stages through to full operation. The film, A Monument of Victory: Istanbul Airport, provides a comprehensive look at the construction process of the new hub, the transfer of operations from the old airport, and the start of passenger operations.

Prime Vision is proud to have contributed to the construction of Istanbul Grand Aiport. Together with partner SICK we provided OCR and video coding for tracking bags and suitcases.

More information about our Airport Solution.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 / Published in corporate responsibility

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability go beyond the walls of your organization, choosing the right partners is part of the process.

Prime Vision works together with excellent partners, in addition Prime Vision wants to inspire its customers and suppliers to take their social responsibility as well.

The datacenters of NorthC with which Prime Vision collaborates, devote a lot of energy to corporate social responsibility.

The datacenters comply with a list of ISO certificates, including ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 22301. They are further certified for PCI DSS, NEN7510, ISAE2402 and SAP. use 100% certified green power and are CO2 neutral.

In short, a partner that fits perfectly with Prime Vision’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

Learn more about Prime Visions commitment for a better future.

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During the Parcel+Post Expo Virtual Live conference our Commercial Director Dirk van Lammeren and Innovations Director Bernd van Dijk will review some of the lessons learned by posts and parcel companies during the Covid-19 crisis and the responses to it. Dirk will discuss how flexibility and adaptability in sortation processes can be achieved and how this provides the capacity to respond to crises and demand peaks.

Make sure you won’t miss it!
Date and time; Tuesday 13th of October, 14.20 CET.

As event sponsor, we will also have our own dedicated page.
Here you can download our latest collateral, have a chat or schedule a meeting with one of our team members.

We have exciting developments to share with you so we are looking forward meeting you. Sorry, but this time you have to bring your own coffee! 😉

Click here to register.

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Sustainability and corporate responsibility matter to us. Prime Vision has opted for the ISO 26000 standard to strengthen its commitment to corporate social responsibility.

ISO 26000 provides guidelines on how companies and organizations can operate in a socially responsible manner. This means acting in an ethical and transparent manner that contributes to the health and well-being of society.

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

Together with Albert Heijn we are now testing our Computer Vision technology to recognize products in the baskets of customers at the self checkouts in the supermarket.

The ultimate goal would be that customers would no longer need to scan all articles by hand to make their purchases. 

More information about the test can be found on RetailNews.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

The most recent Accenture report on the impact of COVID on the last mile illustrates dramatic statistics about the shift in consumer adoption of new shopping behaviors.

Globally, store-based retailers experience exponential growth in eCommerce, there is a 71% increase in online orders in Europe and over 80% in Canada, US and APAC.

Globally, there is an 192% increase in click & collect order.

Wednesday, 09 September 2020 / Published in Autonomous, robotics, Sorter, sorting

When facing market uncertainty, the instinct is to batten down the hatches and wait for the dust to settle.  But, if post and parcel companies had adopted that attitude in recent years, many would have not survived. The advent of e-commerce has required the industry to be much more agile and flexible automation has proved crucial. So, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, posts already have the key to managing turbulence and the message is clear, continued investment in automation has never been more important.

Read the full article in the latest Postal and Parcel magazine.

We are proud to be on the final shortlist for the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2020 with two solutions.
Like last year, when we won the award for our Chinese Address Reader, we are on the shortlist for the “Sorting and Fulfilment Technology of the Year” Award for our Asset Tracking solution. This robust and scalable technology allows logistics companies to track assets with pinpoint accuracy and know their location in real-time. Unique in this technology is that we are using existing infrastructure and connectivity where possible in order to minimise investments and implementation time. More information about our Asset Tracking solution: https://www.primevision.com/asset-tracking.

Our ParcelFinder solution in shortlisted in the category “Last Mile Delivery Innovation of the Year” Award.
ParcelFinder is an integrated Computer Vision solution that combines Scene Recognition and Augmented Reality to support customers and employees in finding the parcel they are looking for.
ParcelFinder is designed for all environments where multiple parcels are stored for further distribution (for example last mile vans, post rooms, warehouses, etc.). ParcelFinder is launched in Retail stores, where customers come to collect their parcel.

The results of the awards will be announced in the January 2021 issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International magazine and on www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com.

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During the Summer holidays we are running a special program for children of Prime Vision employees, particularly aimed at teenagers 14+ who like to earn some extra pocket money and learn more about the company their parents work.

Beside enriching our databases and OCR training material, which is a benefit to Prime Vision, it is always nice to have youngsters in the building in the coming weeks while many staff are away on holiday.

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iso certification badge

The annual mandatory review of our ISO company procedures: ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 26000 (corporate responsibility) took place in June and the outcome was certainly cause for celebration.

The external TÜV auditor examined our processes during a full week’s schedule and held various interviews with key persons within the Prime Vision organization. No so-called ‘non-conformities’ were reported and we even received compliments from the auditor for the professional way in which we handle requirements in terms of quality. Ensuring quality and keeping systems safe is what we stand for!

Thursday, 09 July 2020 / Published in Prime Vision team

Jos Boudestein works at Prime Vision as a software engineer. Besides being a fanatic football player, Jos is above all an amusement park fan. But not just another one. He has managed to ride more than a thousand different roller coasters. Jos travels all over the world for special roller coasters. In 2016 Jos participated in the Troy challenge: 24 hours in a row on the roller coaster.

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The latest issue of Postal and Parcel Technology reveals the latest tech and projects to enter the market.

Read the article here.

Friday, 19 June 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

The robotics department of Netherlands-based computer vision company Prime Vision has developed the concept of autonomous sorting, which entails sorting parcels using mobile robots. In general, sorting machines tend to be static and lack flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances. Autonomous sorting can help create a flexible and futureproof sorting center. Instead of fixed infrastructure, sorting centers of the future will make use of intelligent robots to sort parcels. Simply, all that is required is an empty production floor and a few days for the robots to ‘learn’ the layout to navigate.

Read the full story on the Parcel and Postal Technology website.

Thursday, 07 May 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

Fleur Baars, head of service management at prime vision writes about getting to grips with operational technology security in an increasingly connected courier, express and parcel world.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

In 2004 PostNord (back then Post Danmark) selected the solution of Prime Vision for their parcels distribution centres. Post Danmark became the 1st international customer and Prime Vision has been their preferred partner ever since.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

For Prime Vision employees, life is not just about work. As an employer, Prime Vision values and encourages overall wellbeing, finding the right balance between being a high performer and living a healthy and active lifestyle. The office in Delft offers a fully equipped gym under the supervision of a certified personal trainer which is available to all staff. Each year the enthusiastic Prime Vision running team takes part in the ‘Kopjes-company-run” and proves to be a top contender! Sometimes professional and sports ambitions go hand in hand.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

Managing a sorting center with an average of 50 to 500 chutes can be very demanding. Do you find yourself challenged with the right layout on a day to day basis? Depending on the supply of parcels and the growing number of delivery methods reorganizing chutes and containers is a time-consuming process. Because optimal chute assignment becomes harder with the increasing number of products, it is difficult to manually change the assignment frequently. This results in more or less static chute assignments, which decreases productivity and efficiency over time.

Tuesday, 07 April 2020 / Published in Uncategorized
connected world

In an increasingly connected world, local systems are more frequently connected to external systems to share information. The need for speed and security for Postal & Parcel service providers is of great importance.

Prime Vision has developed an interconnected hybrid cloud solution to solve these challenges. A solution that connects all parties, from supplier to consumer and all steps in between. With devices in the chain communicating with each other without human intervention. Last minute changes in delivery locations can be processed even when the parcel is already in the last mile.

Read the full story at: https://www.ukimediaevents.com/publication/45112126/16

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Tuesday, 04 February 2020 / Published in Uncategorized

Yesterday we said goodbye to our colleague Richard van den Brink who worked for Prime Vision for almost 40 years. Due to personal circumstances, Richard has decided to retire early.

Pim Struik, Head of the Software Engineer team described Richard as being “the kind of software engineer that fits into any team. Great working mentality, proficient in a lot of languages and output that could be trusted right away.  His work made every other team member better: he smoothed the path of software development by facilitating better tooling and restructuring the software itself. He will be missed!”

We would like to wish Richard all the best with the start of a new chapter after Prime Vision.