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The most recent Accenture report on the impact of COVID on the last mile illustrates dramatic statistics about the shift in consumer adoption of new shopping behaviors.

Globally, store-based retailers experience exponential growth in eCommerce, there is a 71% increase in online orders in Europe and over 80% in Canada, US and APAC.

Globally, there is an 192% increase in click & collect order.

We are proud to have the first Albert Heijn store live with our Computer Vision solution. Together with Albert Heijn we are now testing our Computer Vision technology to recognize products in the baskets of customers at the self checkouts in the supermarket. The ultimate goal would be that customers would no longer need to scan all articles by hand to make their purchases.

More information: https://www.distrifood.nl/ondernemen /nieuws/2020/09/ah-test-scannen-met-camera-101137816

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When facing market uncertainty, the instinct is to batten down the hatches and wait for the dust to settle.  But, if post and parcel companies had adopted that attitude in recent years, many would have not survived. The advent of e-commerce has required the industry to be much more agile and flexible automation has proved crucial. So, in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, posts already have the key to managing turbulence and the message is clear, continued investment in automation has never been more important.

Read the full article in the latest Postal and Parcel magazine.

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We are proud to be on the final shortlist for the Parcel and Postal Technology International Awards 2020 with two solutions.
Like last year, when we won the award for our Chinese Address Reader, we are on the shortlist for the “Sorting and Fulfilment Technology of the Year” Award for our Asset Tracking solution. This robust and scalable technology allows logistics companies to track assets with pinpoint accuracy and know their location in real-time. Unique in this technology is that we are using existing infrastructure and connectivity where possible in order to minimise investments and implementation time. More information about our Asset Tracking solution: https://www.primevision.com/asset-tracking.

Our ParcelFinder solution in shortlisted in the category “Last Mile Delivery Innovation of the Year” Award.
ParcelFinder is an integrated Computer Vision solution that combines Scene Recognition and Augmented Reality to support customers and employees in finding the parcel they are looking for.
ParcelFinder is designed for all environments where multiple parcels are stored for further distribution (for example last mile vans, post rooms, warehouses, etc.). ParcelFinder is launched in Retail stores, where customers come to collect their parcel.

The results of the awards will be announced in the January 2021 issue of Parcel and Postal Technology International magazine and on www.parcelandpostaltechnologyinternational.com.

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During the Summer holidays we are running a special program for children of Prime Vision employees, particularly aimed at teenagers 14+ who like to earn some extra pocket money and learn more about the company their parents work.

Beside enriching our databases and OCR training material, which is a benefit to Prime Vision, it is always nice to have youngsters in the building in the coming weeks while many staff are away on holiday.

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iso certification badge

The annual mandatory review of our ISO company procedures: ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 27001 (information security) and ISO 26000 (corporate responsibility) took place in June and the outcome was certainly cause for celebration.

The external TÜV auditor examined our processes during a full week’s schedule and held various interviews with key persons within the Prime Vision organization. No so-called ‘non-conformities’ were reported and we even received compliments from the auditor for the professional way in which we handle requirements in terms of quality. Ensuring quality and keeping systems safe is what we stand for!

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Jos Boudestein works at Prime Vision as a software engineer. Besides being a fanatic football player, Jos is above all an amusement park fan. But not just another one. He has managed to ride more than a thousand different roller coasters. Jos travels all over the world for special roller coasters. In 2016 Jos participated in the Troy challenge: 24 hours in a row on the roller coaster.

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The latest issue of Postal and Parcel Technology reveals the latest tech and projects to enter the market.

Read the article here.

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The robotics department of Netherlands-based computer vision company Prime Vision has developed the concept of autonomous sorting, which entails sorting parcels using mobile robots. In general, sorting machines tend to be static and lack flexibility to easily adapt to changing circumstances. Autonomous sorting can help create a flexible and futureproof sorting center. Instead of fixed infrastructure, sorting centers of the future will make use of intelligent robots to sort parcels. Simply, all that is required is an empty production floor and a few days for the robots to ‘learn’ the layout to navigate.

Read the full story on the Parcel and Postal Technology website.

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Fleur Baars, head of service management at prime vision writes about getting to grips with operational technology security in an increasingly connected courier, express and parcel world.

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In 2004 PostNord (back then Post Danmark) selected the solution of Prime Vision for their parcels distribution centres. Post Danmark became the 1st international customer and Prime Vision has been their preferred partner ever since.

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For Prime Vision employees, life is not just about work. As an employer, Prime Vision values and encourages overall wellbeing, finding the right balance between being a high performer and living a healthy and active lifestyle. The office in Delft offers a fully equipped gym under the supervision of a certified personal trainer which is available to all staff. Each year the enthusiastic Prime Vision running team takes part in the ‘Kopjes-company-run” and proves to be a top contender! Sometimes professional and sports ambitions go hand in hand.

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Managing a sorting center with an average of 50 to 500 chutes can be very demanding. Do you find yourself challenged with the right layout on a day to day basis? Depending on the supply of parcels and the growing number of delivery methods reorganizing chutes and containers is a time-consuming process. Because optimal chute assignment becomes harder with the increasing number of products, it is difficult to manually change the assignment frequently. This results in more or less static chute assignments, which decreases productivity and efficiency over time.

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connected world

In an increasingly connected world, local systems are more frequently connected to external systems to share information. The need for speed and security for Postal & Parcel service providers is of great importance.

Prime Vision has developed an interconnected hybrid cloud solution to solve these challenges. A solution that connects all parties, from supplier to consumer and all steps in between. With devices in the chain communicating with each other without human intervention. Last minute changes in delivery locations can be processed even when the parcel is already in the last mile.

Read the full story at: https://www.ukimediaevents.com/publication/45112126/16

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Yesterday we said goodbye to our colleague Richard van den Brink who worked for Prime Vision for almost 40 years. Due to personal circumstances, Richard has decided to retire early.

Pim Struik, Head of the Software Engineer team described Richard as being “the kind of software engineer that fits into any team. Great working mentality, proficient in a lot of languages and output that could be trusted right away.  His work made every other team member better: he smoothed the path of software development by facilitating better tooling and restructuring the software itself. He will be missed!”

We would like to wish Richard all the best with the start of a new chapter after Prime Vision.

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As part of our sustainability program, we have auctioned the end-of-year gifts for charity to our employees who donated generously.

Last Thursday, we handed over a cheque to Wild care Foundation Delft. The Wild care relies mostly on volunteers and they all share a passion to care for needy, injured and sick animals. In 2019 they took care of around 3000 animals.

Last September Wild care Foundation Delft rung the alarm: the wild care is entirely dependent on private donations and gifts. Municipalities have the duty of care for wild animals, but not the duty of payment. Fortunately, discussions are currently taking place with municipalities, the Province and the government. Until then, they can only remain open through all generous gifts from people who support them and their work.

Prime Vision has felt the responsibility to incorporate sustainability within the organization for many years and it derives from intrinsic motivation from its employees.

Creating and maintaining a sustainable business is the responsibility of all, and considering the challenges ahead, Prime Vision is looking to find additional ways to operate in a sustainable manner.

More information about Wild care Delft: https://www.wildopvangdelft.nl/

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In 2017 Prime Vision, introduced the handling projector at the Post + Parcel Expo and were successful in winning the Sorting Centre Innovation of the year Award.

Over the past year, we have worked to further fine-tune this technology. The new release of the handling projector is now readily available. The latest release, has a much more robust, solid layout, is stronger and much faster than its predecessor. It is able to meet the high demands in terms of real-life operational environmental performance which Prime Vision has successfully demonstrated during its last acceptance project at a customers site in Poland.

Based on this latest release, many potential customers have shown a great interest in the handling projector and its added value. Several parties are lining up to launch implementation projects. As such, the handling projector has gained its right place in the industry.

Curious to know what the handling projector can do for you?  Contact us directly or check out this video for more information.

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iso certification badge

We are proud to announce that after a week of audits on our company processes, our ISO 9001 and 27001 certificates have successfully been renewed for another 3 years.

Prime Vision is ISO 27001 certified since 2017. This ISO standard stands for the Information Security Management System (ISMS) for the protection of all your confidential information. This means that we treat all your information securely and confidentially according to the standards of this certification.

In order to be certified to the ISO 9001 standard, a company must follow the requirements set forth in the ISO 9001 Standard. The standard is used by organizations to demonstrate their ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements and to demonstrate continuous improvement.

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Award for Chinese Parcel Reader

At the latest Parcel and Post-Expo show Prime Vision won the Sorting and Fulfillment technology award for her Chinese Address Reader.

Prime Vision’s Chinese Address Reader helps postal operators overcome some of the major challenges associated with handling Chinese parcels. Like most cross-border shipments, parcels from Asia vary in size, shape and weight, making them difficult to position correctly for scanning in the automated sorting process. Chinese customs labels and barcodes are also often poorly printed with critical information missing or smudged. Add in the lack of standardization in address label format – which makes it almost impossible for common scanners to read – and the process becomes a daunting task for any sorting hub.

Prime Vision developed the Chinese Address Reader as a viable solution to these problems. When used in partnership with any established OCR solution, it allows postal operators to convert highly labor-intensive Asian parcel handling into a profitable revenue stream. Based on the company’s award-winning OCR technology, Prime Vision has taken the capabilities of its Chinese Address Reader to new levels by allowing data to be read across multiple labels including address labels, customs labels and recipient details.

The system sets itself apart by only detecting, interpreting and validating the information necessary for processing and sorting. It looks for relevant blocks of data. The Chinese Address Reader first interprets the type of mail – in this case Asian – and then identifies the segments of relevant data to establish the location of the necessary text.  Once pinpointed, machine-learning and advanced OCR techniques, combined with Prime Vision’s OCR parcel libraries, clean the address line for conventional recognition.

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Chart preview of the Webcoding platform

PostNL has successfully optimised the sorting operation by decrypting uncoded mail and parcels, leading to reduction of manual handling in the sorting centres.

The main objective for PostNL was to reduce the number of letters and parcels which need to be coded by hand. This reduction of manual coding solves two major issues: on time sorting and distribution on demanded KPI level and reduction of overhead costs due to manual coding.

 The Prime Vision platform provided the following benefits for PostNL:

  1. Run one central platform for all mail streams (e.g. letters, bundles, parcels, Chinese parcels, revenue protection);
  2. Increased flexibility:
    • Dynamic optimization of the Coding Activity pool
    • Improved management of Coding Activity / easily upscale and downscale
    • Dynamic throughput of connection between Coding platform and Image Controller (not fixed)
    • Cloud based deployment possible (e.g. flexible upscaling during Peak periods);
  3. Improved Functional Support (e.g. change of a coding task directly implemented for all coding operators);
  4. Easily add new functionalities and new coding tasks for all mail streams;
  5. Platform suitable for Services Model;
  6. Direct connection with data-entry partner;
  7. Realtime insights in KPI’s, volume, buffers and idle time.

Prime Vision’s innovative Web Coding Platform

Over the past few years Prime Vision has developed a new centralised Web Coding Platform. Designed to increase flexibility, optimise video coding activities and support integration with operation and business processes. Prime Vision’s solution helps reduce the number of mail and parcels which is manually processed. The sorting process is thus further automated through (offshore) data entry activities. The platform ensures that the coding process, within the sorting process, is as efficient and effective as possible.

The new web coding platform comes with a new web-based architecture, modular set up and is suitable for running in the cloud or on local premises.

Get in touch

Prime Vision’s specialists will gladly provide you with detailed information and submit an offer tailored to your particular needs. Contact us for more information.

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Extra services and peak readiness

The last months of the year are traditionally very hectic in the postal industry due to online retail events such as Black Friday and the Holiday season such as Christmas and the New Year which results in annual peak postal traffic whereby internal postal operations are put under pressure to cope with the high volumes.

Prime Vision offers additional services to help minimise the risk of software incidents during these busy times of the year.

Prime Vision can offer you the following Peak Readiness (additional) services:

  • A Peak Readiness “intake” with your engineering team to determine key focus points for production and availability.
  • Check list of IT hardware and software (standard pricing for 4-8 hours per location of EUR 105 per hour):
    • Status of all servers and desktops (errors, CPU usage, diskspace, etc.)
    • Review of Prime Vision software components
    • Software check PVPMs
    • HW Warranty check
    • Risk assessment.
  • Extra Standby Service during peak hours on specific days (price dependent on customer requests).
  • Precautionary restarting of IT hardware and Prime Vision Software before peak days.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information on those services.

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In the Winter edition of Mail and Express Review, Prime Vision’s Innovation Director Bernd van Dijk explains his vision on the self-organising parcel.

Bernd van Dijk: “I think it’s accurate to say, that fairly soon, a parcel will be smart enough to make informed, agile decisions that ensure the most effective delivery options. The results promise to benefit not only the postal companies but as importantly, the customer.

While today, the technology is getting closer, the most significant barrier to achieving this level of increased functionality is the existing operational structure of a typical logistic operator. Generally, operations are fixed and lack the agility to adapt to any changing circumstance.

This is the time when post companies must react and act to make their operations and systems future proof. It’s just a matter of time before we see smart-tags available at costs acceptable for mainstream use in the parcel industry.”

Read the whole article.