New release for the Handling Projector

In 2017 Prime Vision, introduced the handling projector at the Post + Parcel Expo and were successful in winning the Sorting Centre Innovation of the year Award..

Over the past year, we have worked to further fine-tune this technology. The new release of the handling projector is now readily available. The latest release, has a much more robust, solid layout, is stronger and much faster than its predecessor. It is able to meet the high demands in terms of real-life operational environmental performance which Prime Vision has successfully demonstrated during its last acceptance project at a customers site in Poland.

Based on this latest release, many potential customers have shown a great interest in the handling projector and its added value. Several parties are lining up to launch implementation projects. As such, the handling projector has gained its right place in the industry.

Curious to know what the handling projector can do for you?  Contact us directly or check out this video for more information.

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