Machine learning can help posts make smarter decisions

If computers can think what we want them to think, then they must be able to make our lives easier. This was the thesis behind Alan Turing’s paper on computing machinery and intelligence published in 1950. More than 60 years later, artificial intelligence systems based on so-called machine learning techniques are indeed deployed in postal, parcel and logistics operations.
The area of use is however relatively narrow at this stage, with learning systems focusing mostly on the domain of human visual interpretation such as the appearance of optical character and image recognition (also called OCR or vision) systems rather than the solution to a broader range of challenges.
Within artificial intelligence, the application of machine learning technologies is very popular. The success of these techniques results from the fact that explicit modeling is no longer required. Machine learning offers a way to solve complex challenges by means of “training” or “learning” the best fitting model and by using statistical and computational techniques, based on a large set of data examples.

Read in our latest paper how Prime vision explores the application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in the postal, parcel and logistics industry.