There was a time when efficient sorting of the mail, whether letters, flats or parcels, was dominated by the challenges of facing, canceling and identification, with systems and processes being pretty much hard-wired into fixed ways of working.
The postal industry is already in the midst of a huge revolution – the old ways of working no longer meet the needs of postal customers or operators alike.

Dangerous goods present many threats to posts’ personnel, automation and facilities. So, segregation and special handling is critical for maintaining safety and that’s why clear labelling of parcels containing hazardous materials is a pre-requisite under the terms of carriage for most companies.

Prime Vision’s Next Generation of recognition technology (Premier MMS) is at the core of DHL’s success

Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans, was invited as a guest this week at the opening ceremony of Deutsche Post DHL Group’s ground-breaking mega-hub in Obertshausen, Germany, reflecting the fact that Prime Vision technology is at the core of this prestigious project.

The rapid growth in e-commerce-driven volumes has undoubtedly counterbalanced the decline in traditional mail flows but upscaling this element of the business isn’t without its challenges. Indeed, many operators are meeting the throughput but struggling with profitability. Efficiency is the key, but this can be difficult to achieve in a market that is developing and changing so rapidly.