Our commercial director, Dirk van Lammeren, will give a presentation discussing IoT: where technological practicality meets commercial profitability at this year’s Parcel + Post Expo Conference. To learn more about the content of Dirk’s presentation, please read this interview in Parcel and Postal Technology International:https://lnkd.in/gPhtdQU If you are interested in visiting the Parcel + PostExpo show in Amsterdam, 1-3 October, please drop us a message and we will send you a free invite.

“Dutch businesses are popular with partners all over the globe, and no wonder. Their innovative nature and focus on continuity make them reliable.” This is what the Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte says in the foreword of the new book of Dutch Industry.

The future of warehouse management

Prime Vision got a mention in this interesting article on the future of warehouse management. If you’re interested in planning for automation and robots, check this out. Read the full article.

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Interview with Dirk for Postal

In the June edition of Parcel and Postal Technology International our Commercial Director Dirk van Lammeren talks about how new technologies, innovations and creative ways of working are transforming the postal sector. Read the full article.

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BNR Radio (the only all-news radio station in The Netherlands) interviewed our innovation director Bernd van Dijk and TNO partner Hans Quack about the technique behind parcel delivery. Bernd talked about our Autonomous Sorting solution and his vision on Self Organising Logistics.

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We are proud to announce the appointment of Dirk van Lammeren as Commercial Director, effective immediately. Van Lammeren brings with him valued commercial and innovation expertise,  and with the existing management team will help steer the future direction of Prime Vision.

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Over the last months we made a lot of progress on Autonomous Sorting, sorting of parcels with mobile robots.

In the course of this year we will go into a first operational environment with approximately 40 robots. In the coming months, we will be fine tuning the autonomous system here in Delft and that’s where we like to invite you because we think it’s a great opportunity to see the system actually work and to discuss possibilities with you.

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Last week we organised our very first demo and meet & greet for students of the TU University in Delft. We presented our core products and explained more about the innovations we are working on. In the course of the year we will organize more of those student only demonstrations.

 Asian parcels vary hugely in size, shape and weight, making them difficult to position correctly for scanning in the automated sorting process. Also, CN custom labels and barcodes are often poorly printed with critical information missing or smudged. Add in the lack of standardization in address label format – that makes it near-impossible for common scanners to read – and the process becomes daunting for any sorting hub. 

Providing a viable solution is Prime Vision’s new eCommerce Parcel Reader which is proving a powerful addition to any established OCR solution.

Brexit looms ever closer, and with it increasing uncertainty. It’s now apparent that we need to prepare for a wide number of possible scenarios, and plan the contingencies to meet an unknown outcome.

The discussion of whether we face a hard or soft exit has for the moment to have taken a backseat to even more fundamental questions which leave us with the possibility of No Deal or even no Brexit at all.