Internship Software Engineering


Prime Vision is one of the leading mid-scale systems integrators and a pioneer in postal technology innovation. We converge the knowledge from our long history and experience in deep learning and the latest IoT and robotics capabilities to create a fertile ground for innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

We are passionate about what we do and are looking for someone with a similar attitude to support us in creating the right solutions for our international customers.

For our Vision & Engineering department, we are looking for a trainee who can program a proof of concept.

Who we are

Our company is all about innovation in IT. On the development side we have some of the best brains in the industry, who are busy concocting new software and solutions built around recognition technology and Big Data. We are active in several markets with the primary focus for Prime Vision being the global postal and logistics market. We are a full-service company and therefore provide solutions via project development and subsequent service and support processes ensure that our customers are covered.

We ensure that in several countries worldwide, letters and parcels arrive at the customers’ doorstep, every day, and in time.

Internship assignment

One of Prime Vision's products is the WebCoding platform. A coder has to type the address data of the recipient on the basis of a photograph of a mail item. This is currently done according to a fixed pattern that has been dictated by a relational data model. First, for example, one has to enter the postcode or city and then one can quickly choose from the options that belong to this postcode.

We would like to abandon this relational data model so that it is not necessary anymore to type the postcode or city before you can start with the address. Therefore, the internship assignment includes the following tasks:

  • Identifying alternative search engines without a relational data model; (NoSQL)
  • Comparing these engines and make a choice;
  • Programming a proof of concept.

What we offer

  • Internship compensation;
  • Professional guidance;
  • Pleasant working environment;
  • Assignment for 5 days a week;
  • Duration: 3 months.


Please send your job application, accompanied by a  c.v. and motivation to Peggy Kosters at