Internship - Test tool for embedded system


Test tool for embedded system


We offer an internship or graduation assignment to the person who likes to work on product development and who wants to lay the foundation for new technologies within our company.

The job

Prime Vision develops a new type of sorting machine: a handling projector. This projector is mounted above a sorting chute or moving belt. It is capable of reading barcodes of parcels that lie below the projector and can project characters on the parcels helping the process of people placing the parcels in specific containers or vans.

The handling projector comprises of a regular pc style motherboard connected to a custom embedded board nicknamed the Fatherboard. The Fatherboard controls:

  • A liquid lens driver for providing focus to a tele zoom camera;
  • Mirror control to control the mirrors for a tele zoom camera;
  • A laser controller to enable a laser;
  • Galvos to draw projections with the laser;
  • A hardware camera trigger.

Currently, any issues with a fatherboard are only identified when the projector is completely assembled. Therefore, a test tool testing a proper working of the Fatherboard is required.

As an assignment, the trainee / graduate has to make this tool to test the Fatherboard. This tool could be a simple Arduino board sending serial messages to the Fatherboard and reading output from the various connectors. The student is expected to ask proactively questions about details of the requirements.

Your background

  • You are an HBO / WO student with knowledge of embedded systems;
  • You know how to develop / program these using C.

What you can expect from us

You will be properly supervised during your work placement and be given the scope to get the best out of yourself.

Naturally, we provide a suitable work placement compensation.

About us

Prime Vision is one of the leading mid-scale systems integrators and a pioneer in logistics technology innovation. Our company is all about innovation in IT. We converge the knowledge from our long history and experience in deep learning and the latest IoT and Robotics capabilities to create a fertile ground for innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Do you have what it takes?

Send an email, apply for the position.

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Test tool for embedded system

To apply, please send your job application, accompanied by your C.V. and motivation letter. 

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