How we help creating a safe and healthy working environment by using computer vision and image processing techniques

As a result of the impact of the corona measures, our logistics customers have become increasingly busy. This has resulted in major challenges in sorting a larger volume with more restrictions.

At Prime Vision, we love a challenge and our Vision engineers set to work to develop a solution to detect situations where the 1.5 meter rule is structurally at stake on the work floor. The goal is to prevent a major corona outbreak in the workplace and thus create a safe and healthy working environment for employees.

The project faced a number of challenges, such as compliance with data protection and privacy procedures and compatibility of the CCTV systems.

Nevertheless, we managed to find solutions to these challenges as well and develop the proximity-based automatic risk assessment. A clever piece of technology where we detect people, calculate positions and record events (violation of the 1.5 meter rule) and translate them into so-called time-location stamps using Computer Vision and image processing. These time-location stamps are then displayed in a heat map.

The solution is an excellent tool for any location where the 1.5 meter rule may be at stake and where you want to create a healthy and safe working environment.

Watch the video to see the system in action:

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