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GDPR Statement

Prime Vision is committed to proactively addressing the security concerns of their customers.

Hans kroon

Versie 0.1

13th of August 2019

At Prime Vision security and compliance are and always will be top priorities. For this purpose Prime Vision has taken a number of actions on different levels and processes within its organization.

First of all Prime Vison is ISO 27001 and 9001 certified and all processes are updated with the latest security compliancy rules and regulations.  Consequences of the GDPR are implemented in the internal business processes: a data protection impact analyses is used before the start of a project, security information addressing the awareness of employees is communicated via different information channels and all internal business processes are screened and adjusted where necessary.

For some customers with the need for secure storage of privacy sensitive information has become a must. Especially for organizations that exchange or process a lot of privacy-sensitive information both within its own environment and with external environments. For this purpose Prime Vision offers “the secure workspace” with excellent secure facilities. Based on commercial products, Prime Vision has developed a highly secure processing and exchange service. Of course, an adequate Identity & Access management or access rights allocation based on multi-factor authentication and the associated administration are important. Assigning and managing the appropriate rights to, for example, administrators, suppliers, sister companies and their own internal people form the basis of the secure exchange and processing services.

This secure workspace offers a well-transferrable inter-cloud exchange platform for all types of files (such as. exe, Office, csv ect.), processing platforms for applications that process privacy-sensitive information and common and cohesive transport services of all types of files both within the secure workspace and to and from the secure work space. Also high protection of information services within the environment by both applying encryption and providing simple and clear rules for exchange of information are implemented.