Extra services and peak readiness

Additional services for annual peak postal traffic

The last months of the year are traditionally very hectic in the postal industry due to online retail events such as Black Friday and the Holiday season such as Christmas and the New Year which results in annual peak postal traffic whereby internal postal operations are put under pressure to cope with the high volumes.

Prime Vision offers additional services to help minimise the risk of software incidents during these busy times of the year.

Prime Vision can offer you the following Peak Readiness (additional) services:

  • A Peak Readiness “intake” with your engineering team to determine key focus points for production and availability.
  • Check list of IT hardware and software (standard pricing for 4-8 hours per location of EUR 105 per hour):
    • Status of all servers and desktops (errors, CPU usage, diskspace, etc.)
    • Review of Prime Vision software components
    • Software check PVPMs
    • HW Warranty check
    • Risk assessment.
  • Extra Standby Service during peak hours on specific days (price dependent on customer requests).
  • Precautionary restarting of IT hardware and Prime Vision Software before peak days.

Please contact us if you would like to receive more information on those services.