Exploring autonomy and the future of the self-organising parcel

In the Winter edition of Mail and Express Review, Prime Vision’s Innovation Director Bernd van Dijk explains his vision on the self-organising parcel.

Bernd van Dijk: “I think it’s accurate to say, that fairly soon, a parcel will be smart enough to make informed, agile decisions that ensure the most effective delivery options. The results promise to benefit not only the postal companies but as importantly, the customer.

While today, the technology is getting closer, the most significant barrier to achieving this level of increased functionality is the existing operational structure of a typical logistic operator. Generally, operations are fixed and lack the agility to adapt to any changing circumstance.

This is the time when post companies must react and act to make their operations and systems future proof. It’s just a matter of time before we see smart-tags available at costs acceptable for mainstream use in the parcel industry.”

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