Dirk van Lammeren joins Prime Vision.

We are proud to announce the appointment of Dirk van Lammeren as Commercial Director, effective immediately. Van Lammeren brings with him valued commercial and innovation expertise,  and with the existing management team will help steer the future direction of Prime Vision.

Prime Vision CEO, Eddy Thans is enthusiastic. “I’m both delighted, and excited, to have Dirk at Prime Vision. As a company, we have experienced tremendous growth in terms of size, technological capability and our global outreach. However, the growth I now refer to is our aspirations. It’s time to take Prime Vision to the next level, and I feel that Dirk is the perfect person to help us achieve that”.

A renowned advocate for new technologies, innovations and exploring creative new ways of working, Van Lammeren greatly influenced the strategy for modern logistics companies to meet the demands of the emerging eCommerce market. After considerable success, Van Lammeren turned his attention to corporate start-ups, focusing primarily on emerging technologies and company growth.

Van Lammeren is positive and sees both his and Prime Visions futures entwined. “It was the ideal opportunity for me, and a significant step in my career. I regard Prime Vision as an ambitious company in an incredibly fast-moving market and well positioned to grow their business exponentially. Prime Vision is keen to be push boundaries, and bring new concepts and emerging technologies to the market”.

For me personally, it’s fascinating — an opportunity to bringing emerging or even converging technologies to an exponentially growing but challenging market. The chance to find that perfect balance – To solve a real-life problem at the point where technological practicality and commercial profitability overlap”.

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