Dirk van Lammeren and Chris van Dam presenters at the Parcel + Post Expo Conference

Both our commercial director Dirk van Lammeren en Vision engineer Chris van Dam will be speaking during the Parcel + Post Expo conference.

Dirk’s talk will offer an overarching view of IoT and its recent impact on the logistics industry. IoT connects your physical infrastructure or assets (things) and transforms it to a continuous flow of digital information. It promised to be an industry game-changer, but what has been achieved and how is the CEP industry doing in all of this? What can we expect over the next few years? He will discuss how to start with IoT, and how to strike that perfect balance – where technological practicality and commercial profitability overlap.

Chris gives an insight into how innovative machine learning technologies, such as Deep Learning, promise to meet head-on some of the challenges arising from the ever-expanding eCommerce market.

Chris will explain and illustrate current issues in the addressing of letters and parcels, giving particular focus to items originating from Asia where both language and cultural differences result in incredibly low read-rates. We consider why these problems lead to western postal and logistics companies operating traditional OCR solutions struggling to achieve even adequate read-rates.

Finally, Chris will share with us a glimpse into Prime Vision’s R&D World, by giving us a short explanation of recent current handwriting-reading innovations which employs the very latest Deep Learning techniques to achieve impressive results

Time slots:

Wednesday 2nd October, Addressing session, 14.20 hrs: How to solve addressing challenges with deep learning by Chris van Dam

Thursday 3rd October, Transformative Technologies session, 10.20 hrs.: IoT: where technological practicality meets commercial profitability by Dirk van Lammeren

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