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Digital Mailman

The key to utmost flexibility in the last mile

The key to utmost flexibility in the last mile, is providing the post man or woman with a sequence sorted bundle of mixed mail. One of the most interesting introductions to reach this goal is an app for the delivery person’s smart phone.   It has been developed in tandem with a big post who wanted a local area network that captured the mailman’s know-how and proficiency, creating a central resource whose capability would grow in line with need and opportunity. The flexibility of the app, however, makes it possible to tailor the product to meet the needs of any post and the specific requirements of the locality or region.  It provides the means for all manner of issues to be reported in the field, anytime and anywhere. The scope of this technology is huge.  At its basic level, it gives the mailman a digital voice, allowing him or her to log onto a pre-defined route and report important information to improve overall quality and efficiency.  This can range from an unusual sequencing of delivery point numbers to houses with aggressive dogs or smaller-than-normal letterboxes.

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