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      Decision Systems Solutions

      Connecting infrastructure and handling decisions for recognized, identified and tracked items.

      Sorting decision systems

      Our Sorting Decision System MMS has been developed as platform to provide todays organizations a highly flexible and intelligent foundation for its operations. It seamlessly integrates with back office IT infrastructure, peripherals such as camera technology and scales as well as any kind of databases. Our MMS sorting platform processes more than 800 million items a day!


      MMS is a highly scalable automation platform and can easily grow as your organization grows. 

      Pim Struik

      is the team leader of the Sorting Decision Solutions team. He studied engineering at the TU Delft and has a strong background in project management and technical solution architecture. Pim enjoys finding the most optimal solution for the customer, thereby looking at both the functional and technical aspects of the challenge. He translates the business needs of the customer in an always changing logistic world into technological solutions. 


      The past years we have optimized and extensively standardized our coding product portfolio, resulting in modern, highly configurable and flexible solutions which provide the efficient data entry possibilities that our customers require, as well as real time insight into the coding processes through statistics and UI.

      Roosmarijn Schopman

      is the product manager of the Coding Systems team. With her MSc in Industrial Design Engineering and background in Quality Assurance she’s got the experience and skills to steer the development of well designed, future proof and high-quality solutions for manual coding, paying special attention to performance, usability and ergonomics.

      Web-based Video Coding

      Around the world, millions of transactions, values, codes and pieces of information are entered manually into IT systems on a daily base. Despite the high performance of AI technologies to automate this, much is left for the manual operator. Especially for parcels that are in-transit, reaction times are short and critical. We have a broad portfolio of solutions to seamlessly integrate manual data entry solutions, independent whether it is a local, centralized, web-based or even remote solution, into existing infrastructure.

      Manual Workstations

      In the fast-growing world of E-commerce, not every operation is automated these days. At countless locations in the world, people are processing and sorting parcels manually. A first step towards automation might be a manual workstation for hand coding. This solution, a mobile desk with integrated camera, and optionally a scale and dimensioning system, will be integrated into the existing IT environment. Using manual coding solutions for identification improves quality, operational efficiency and data completeness of the operations.