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Reduce the number of dangerous goods parcels entering the automated sorting system

Benefits of Dangerous Goods Recognition:

  • Continuous improvement
  • Reduced manual handling
  • Cost savings
  • Future proof

Our Dangerous Goods Recognition application aims to reduce the number of dangerous goods parcels entering the automated sorting system.

Dangerous goods present many threats to posts’ personnel, automation solutions and facilities. Therefore the segregation and special handling of these goods is critical for maintaining safety. Clear labeling of parcels containing hazardous materials is a pre-requisite under the terms of carriage for most companies.

Until now, segregating dangerous goods parcels has relied on operators spotting the hazard labels on the parcel and ensuring it does not enter the mechanical sorting systems. Operators can be highly trained and vigilant, but they are still human and therefore there is a probability of error.

Our solution detects any labeled hazardous material within the sorting environment and initiates the safe shutdown of systems to enable an operator to remove the item or take appropriate action. Furthermore, the solution is highly cost efficient as it uses the customer’s existing camera identification systems on the sorter for the purpose.

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Press Release

Dangerous Goods Recognition Press Release


Technology is advancing at such a rate that we can’t predict where we will be in a decade. For now, our industry’s vision is based on artificial intelligence. While the speculation of what’s possible is endless, developers have to translate all this potential, invention and innovation into realistic solutions. While it’s great to let the imagination fly, we have to balance indulgence against purpose and benefit.

Michiel de Rijcke

has led the research and development department of Prime Vision since 2001. With a solid background in computer vision and a PhD and cum laude graduation in mathematics, Michiel’s ingenuity brings applied research to innovation.

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