Cyber security attacks: ensuring maximum uptime and performance of your core operational processes

Fleur Baars and Julian Gonzalez Verbeek write about getting to grips with operational technology security in an increasingly connected courier, express and parcel world.

“Postal and parcel service providers and leading e-commerce companies handle an increasing amount of operational data and process millions of transactions every day.

Maximum availability of sorter capacity, optimal transportation and increase of customer satisfaction via apps on smartphones where customers can track and redirect parcels in near real time are some of the challenges the CEP market is facing.

In the past operational processes were focussed on the job at hand and as a result, mostly isolated on the premises. Today there is an increasing need for statistics to create new business models and improve operational efficiency so real time interaction between various operational processes is key.

This requires a new view on the architecture where the current isolated model shifts to an “open”, connected and flexible operational technology environment. This does not only apply between the operational processes but also with the outside world”.

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