Corona virus update

The impact on people, customers and the service provision

Meanwhile, the Corona virus has a firm grip on the world for quite some time now. Many countries are closed down and millions of people are locked in their homes.

Prime Vision has taken a number of measures to ensure the safety of employees and their clients so as not to endanger their health unnecessarily.

  • Our employees have been working from home since 12 March, thanks to our infrastructure this is possible.
  • During the lock down, Prime Vision remains accessible via telephone and conference calls.
  • Scheduled site visits have been postponed until there is more clarity as to when these visits will be possible again.
  • We closely follow the developments around Covid-19 on a daily basis.
  • Prime Vision follows the instructions given by the Dutch government.

We understand that during this special time our relations are open to discussions on how we can organize the sorting operation even better in the future. 

Please contact us if you are looking for inspiration and ideas for improvements.

Prime Vision strives for business continuity and a smooth and efficient operation. Since Prime Vision's systems and services operate safely (according to our ISO 27001 procedures) from flexible locations, we expect no or limited impact on daily operations.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation and will keep you informed. 

Of course we hope that you and your loved ones are and will remain healthy and that the medical specialists will soon have a solution to combat the virus.

Our goal is to work collectively through this crisis.