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23 Feb: A great result through good cooperation with our partner Batenburg

Together with our partner Batenburg Mechatronica we have been working on the perfection of our handling projector. The result: an industrial and sleek design for our projection sorting solution that generates considerable savings for our customers. More information about this project:


15 Dec: The clock is ticking!

New regulations and laws are changing cross-border trade, presenting huge challenges to anyone involved in cross-border shipments and e-commerce. Postal and parcel companies, carriers as well as e-commerce retailers need to adapt their processes to remain compliant and capture the opportunity of fast growing cross-border trade. As a result of this fast-changing landscape Prime Vision…


09 Jul: A passion for roller coasters has made a Prime Vision employee experience more than 1000 roller coasters

Jos Boudestein works at Prime Vision as a software engineer. Besides being a fanatic football player, Jos is above all an amusement park fan. But not just another one. He has managed to ride more than a thousand different roller coasters. Jos travels all over the world for special roller coasters. In 2016 Jos participated…