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30 Mar: PostNL prepared for upcoming customs changes with Prime Vision’s International Label Reader

Due to changes in import processes, postal operators are becoming increasingly dependent on data they receive from shipments sent by foreign postal services. But what if they haven’t received any data at all, or if the data is incomplete? For example, a house number is missing, or no information is available about the contents of…


16 Nov: Prime Vision releases new use cases for the Handling Projector

Speed and flexibility in sorting parcels to endpoints are key to improving efficiency and bottom line results. With more people ordering online, also as a consequence of Covid-19, the stream of parcels has increased exponentially. The Handling Projector is designed to increase the efficiency of manual labor during parcel sorting.  It projects endpoint information onto…

Cut cost, improve efficiency and meet COVID-19 health measures

16 Jan: Second postal partner announces autonomous sorting pilot

Fresh from winning two recent industry innovation awards for the Autonomous Sorting solution, Prime Vision’s visionary new system has sent shockwaves through the industry, compelling Postal and Parcel to assess both their current set-ups and future plans. After a successful proof-of-concept demonstration to an invited audience proved the concept feasible, Prime Vision now has a…