E-Commerce Markets


14 Jan: Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Track your assets with pinpoint accuracy and know their location in real-time with our Asset Tracking solution Benefits summarized: Increased daily operational efficiency Optimized transportation and logistics processes Increased ability to manage stock during peak periods We developed a robust and scalable technology that allows you to track your assets with pinpoint accuracy…


30 Dec: Projection Sorting for E-commerce

Projection Sorting for e-commerce Simplify and optimize your manual sorting process with the Handling Projector BENEFITS OF THE PRIME VISION Projection Sorting: Easy to install Greatly improves efficiency Scalable No large investment costs needed Option to dynamically change delivery routes Rapid return on investment https://www.primevision.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Handling-Projector-Video.m4v More parcels, more data, more complexity…. Consumers are buying more…


30 Dec: Autonomous Sorting for E-commerce

Autonomous Sorting for e-commerce Autonomous Sorting, sorting parcels using mobile robots for a flexible and future proof sorting centre Benefits of Prime Vision Autonomous Sorting: Flexible fast implementation (weeks instead of months) no decisive building requirements (existing buildings instead of building from scratch) quick and easy change of throughput capacity and/or sorting directions (adding /…