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17 Nov: Projection Sorting

PROJECTION SORTING Simplify and optimize your manual sorting process with the Flow Projector Let’s talk projection sorting What is Projection Sorting? Prime Vision created an advanced projection sorting solution called the ‘Flow Projector’.The Flow Projector identifies a parcels destination by reading its barcode and then projects the number of its sorting destination directly onto the…

Prime Vision autonomous sorting profound success in Belgium

15 Nov: Robotic Sorting

Robotic Sorting Sort your parcels using mobile robots for a flexible and future proof sorting center Let’s talk robotics What is Robotic Sorting? Robotic Sorting is an autonomous sorting solution designed by Prime Vision to create a flexible and future proof sorting center. Most sorting centers are static and lack flexibility to easily adapt to changing…


14 Jan: Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking Track your assets with pinpoint accuracy and know their location in real-time with our Asset Tracking solution Benefits summarized: Increased daily operational efficiency Optimized transportation and logistics processes Increased ability to manage stock during peak periods We developed a robust and scalable technology that allows you to track your assets with pinpoint accuracy…