Case Study

Post Nord – A successful upgrade of a running operation

Background information:

In 2004 PostNord (back then Post Danmark) selected the solution of Prime Vision for their parcels distribution centres. Post Danmark became the 1st international customer and Prime Vision has been their preferred partner ever since.

Time for an upgrade

In 2016 the “old” system in use by PostNord no longer met the latest requirements to face the new challenges for the postal industry. It was time for an upgrade of their current parcel and an addition of a flats sorting system. The biggest challenge was to upgrade the production system without disturbing the daily operations. This required meticulous preparation down to the smallest detail. A lot of downtime in the sorting centres would lead to delay in deliveries. Every software release had to be thoroughly tested. The expertise of the Software engineers and Quality Assurance engineers involved in the process guaranteed high quality software updates. In 2019 the implementation of the central web coding system was completed.

Implementation central web video coding system

PostNord decided to go for an extensive renovation of their sorting decision system. The chosen solution, a web video coding system with processing power at one central location was implemented in 9 locations. More centres in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can be connected easily. Every new sorting centre connected in the future will have access to the most current database and the central processing power.

Features added to the system:

  • One web video coding system at a central location. Video coding for all connected, but also future locations, can now be done centrally. Resources are used more efficiently with this solution.
  • 2 Swedish locations have been added to the central web coding platform.
  • Extensive prioritisation mechanism is implemented.
  • Synchronisation of coding results between flats sorting machines of different suppliers.
  • Read Rate improvement program.
  • Automatic update of flats and parcel address databases from sorting systems and updates of address data are distributed to all OCR and video coding clients.

During the implementation of the upgrade, multiple sorting centres were connected to the central web coding platform. 9 locations were upgraded during the process. 6 Danish parcel sites, 1 flats sorting site and 2 Swedish sites. The central system runs in Denmark. In the end all locations in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland can be connected.

Results accomplished:

  • Improved, more flexible sorting process through new OCR address reader and web video coding platform.
  • Fully centralised system with intelligence available for all sorting centres.
  • Better use of resources in case of over/under capacity in sorting processes in any location.
  • Improved Read Rate, resulting in less manual sorting labour.
  • Integration with 3rd parties.
  • Cost saving.

The primary advantage of the central web coding system is that PostNord now has a future-proof system. A system that makes it easier to connect new locations. 

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