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Working at Prime Vision

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At Prime Vision we are not just a group of highly skilled engineers, we are above all talented and passionate experts in constant search of ways to regenerate your business processes. What once started as an ingenious idea at the very heart of our company has become a leading edge technology in the postal and e-commerce industry. And so the story goes that when a group of young professionals developed renowned autonomous sorting robots, little did they know a skateboard would be the beginning of such an international successful e-commerce solution.

Designing and developing best-in-class solutions to guide time conscious companies around the globe in the automation of sorting processes is what Prime Vision stands for. We are pioneers driven by the fast changing digital world, bringing together computer vision and robotics. By doing so we not only enhance postal & parcel services and e-commerce businesses but the digital world in general.

Our technology.

We develop it ourselves!

Already in 1957, we started with the development of our own technology as part of the PTT research department. A few years later the High Yield Character Reader (HYCR™) was invented. This unique technology is applied in several recognition solutions and has far higher processing capabilities than the average human. It can reduce processing time and interpretation errors, whilst offering significant improvements in quality and accuracy. Our employees are challenged to continuously advance our products.


The core of our work!

Our company is all about innovation in IT. On the development side, we have some of the best brains in the industry creating new software and solutions for recognition technology and data processing.

We develop Internet of Things solutions that will offer new opportunities for logistics operators and that can be used in other markets as well. Further developments center on mobile robots and drones.

Moreover we work with the latest machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in Computer Vision and Robotics.

It’s not all just about work

We are an informal company without a lot of hierarchy

It’s really the people that make Prime Vision a great company to work for. We hire people who are smart and determined, and we favor passion over experience. Although Prime Vision’s employees share common goals and visions for the company, we are a multicultural and intellectual melting pot of ambitious people with different backgrounds.

For us it’s about having fun at work and enjoying the things we do.

We strive to maintain the open culture often associated with startups, in which everyone is a hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions. We offer the opportunity to have flexible working hours and respect a healthy work-life balance.

“Since my first day at Prime Vision, my professional opinion has been weighed and considered, and I’ve been given the freedom to grow professionally and personally, letting me return the favor to Prime Vision as best I can.” – Diego Valdivia

“At Prime Vision you get a lot of responsibility for the product you are working on. When I build something, I can actually think about the solution and if it works it will be put into production.

The company has set up the PV-Academy, within which you can take various courses. There are multiple options that can help
you in your development in terms of work, but also if you just want to learn a language.” – Michel Mooiweer

“There is a lot of socializing and a good balance between fun and work. I like the fact that there is no strict hierarchy:
If I want to speak with the CEO, I can walk right in.” – Jamailah Adams


Working at Prime Vision

Do you want to be part of our innovative world?

We are a multicultural and intellectual melting pot of ambitious people with different backgrounds. Always looking for enthusiastic persons that like to work within an inspiring and international working environment.

Need more info?

If you want to learn more about working at Prime Vision, please contact our HR department via

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