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Autonomous Sorting

Over time, sorting robots can provide the operational and cost flexibility that traditional sorting machines cannot, so start experimenting in some dedicated areas of your business.

Prime Vision proudly presents its autonomous sorting solution: based on robots, autonomously making sorting decisions for parcels and large items. The needs of our customers are changing. New technologies offer great potential to simplify our customers’ operational processes. We understand that our customers need significant more capacity during peak times, whilst the capacity requirements during the summer holiday period is rather low. Furthermore, our customers also tell us it is difficult to make large investment decisions and prefer OPEX-based business models. These important signals coupled with the latest robotics technologies and Prime Vision’s expertise in algorithms and software development meant that we have been developing this solution years ago. Today we are proud to present our solution: autonomous sorting robots and innovative swarming algorithms enabling “Rovers” to work together. Off course our Rovers can identify, assess, sort and physically transport items to their dispatch location leaving no need for traditional sorting machinery. Additionally, this solution is a set-up and disassembled within the timeframe of only a few days, which makes it perfect for temporary hubs during pressure periods. It is a flexible and sustainable solution meeting your needs today and tomorrow.

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