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14 Apr: How we help creating a safe and healthy working environment by using computer vision and image processing techniques

As a result of the impact of the corona measures, our logistics customers have become increasingly busy. This has resulted in major challenges in sorting a larger volume with more restrictions. At Prime Vision, we love a challenge and our Vision engineers set to work to develop a solution to detect situations where the 1.5…


13 Apr: Case study: From sorting 60 parcels per hour to sorting 300 parcels per hour

Not all sorting centers handle the high volume of parcels necessary to justify investment in traditional, automatic sorting systems. So how can new technology help these operations boost efficiency? A large international logistics company that faced this dilemma provides a good example. It has multiple, small, regional sorting centers each of which typically employs ten…

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30 Mar: PostNL prepared for upcoming customs changes with Prime Vision’s International Label Reader

Due to changes in import processes, postal operators are becoming increasingly dependent on data they receive from shipments sent by foreign postal services. But what if they haven’t received any data at all, or if the data is incomplete? For example, a house number is missing, or no information is available about the contents of…

15 Mar: Software Engineer C#/.NET

You work with customers all over the world to develop and integrate our tailor-made software. Together with your team, you have the goal to continuously improve the software products. DESCRIPTION Our agile/scrum product teams are responsible for the implementation of near real-time coding and sorting decision (workflow) systems. These systems support the core of the…


03 Mar: Software Engineer C#

Be part of the success of our innovative AR solution Your goal: developing the most efficient and effective product Prime Vision has developed the concept of an augmented reality projector called the Handling Projector.  This projector identifies a parcels destination by reading its barcode or alternative data and then projects the number of its sorting…

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23 Feb: A great result through good cooperation with our partner Batenburg

Together with our partner Batenburg Mechatronica we have been working on the perfection of our handling projector. The result: an industrial and sleek design for our projection sorting solution that generates considerable savings for our customers. More information about this project: https://batenburg.nl/industriele-componenten/batenburg-mechatronica/projecten/prime-vision/